Welcome to Designing Success for Balance Instead Of Burnout  

Welcome to Designing Success for Balance Instead of Burnout! 

We are so excited that you’ve decided to support your business and practice with our heart-centered business resources. 

The “we” of this course and our business membership is Jamie Durner and Dr. Michelle Robin. Jamie is a seasoned holistic practitioner with training in massage, yoga, coaching, and Ayurvedic medicine. She built and sustained a successful private practice, earning over $1.25+million in fifteen years working primarily part-time while raising her kids. Dr. Michelle is the founder of Small Changes Big Shifts®, Big Shifts Foundation®, the Kansas City Wellness Consortium®, and Your Wellness Connection, P.A, – of the nation’s most successful integrative healing centers. Additionally, she is an international speaker, best-selling author, and practicing chiropractor. 

As professionals who have run successful private practices and multi-person clinic, we understand that starting and maintaining the business you want and deserve can feel challenging. 

Our goal is to help shortcut the learning process we went through and be able to create a profitable practice with greater ease. 

And working in the holistic health field or simply being a business owner who values a balanced head and heart approach, you’ve come to the right place! We will help you create the successful results you need to stay in business but in a way that feels good and natural to who you are. 


Jamie & Dr. Michelle (and our fabulous Small Changes Big Shifts team) 


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We’re excited you are here! Our goal is to make this a powerful and positive experience. And we’re here to help. For technical program access or billing support, please send us an email at support@smallchangesbigshfits.com.  

~ Your Small Changes Big Shifts team