What’s Covered in Designing Success for Balance Instead Of Burnout  

Here’s What We’ll Be Covering

This module is part of the four transformational stages of the Jumpstart your Practice program, with a goal to guide you from the place of confusion around your business to having clarity and confidence in getting started building a profitable practice.

In this course, you will set your inner and outer business pillars to create a solid foundation to build upon and get your personal entrepreneurial spirit power engaged.

Each stage will have educational and instructional lessons and supportive activities to develop the skill sets, business structures and internal resources you need to complete this part of your business development.

Throughout all of our programs, you will be learning and applying both external business tools as well as internal alignment work to support promoting mindsets and clear visions.  While many business programs focus only on external structures, systems and actions, we know from training and experience that what shows up on the outside is a clear reflection of your internal beliefs and energy.  It is this harmony between head and heart that we have found to create the strongest path forward.

Stage 1: Designing Success for Balance Instead Of Burnout

  • The 5 Fundamental Business Structures You Need To Get Started – sleep better at night knowing you’ve got these relevant financial and legal pieces in place without wasting time on unnecessary business details.
  • Clear your Shadow Saboteurs To Breakthrough Success Blocks – learn how to make sure you get out of your own way
  • Call In Your Allies– develop the support structures and resources you need to elevate your momentum and keep you on track
  • 6 Toxic Thoughts That Keep You Battling Against Abundance – don’t let your mindsets derail you
  • Get More Done With Less Stress – leverage your work effort with these time-savvy tips and tools
  • Tech Guide – to unravel the inner workings on automated scheduling and audio recording services as well as where to get your best inexpensive options to get you started