Build Your Community


This 21-day digital program will walk you through our Wheel of Support model. Each day, you will receive an email that focuses on a different part of the wheel: yourself, family, friends, colleagues, pets, wellness, and your spirit. The program is designed to explain why these areas are crucial in your life, what science says about the need for connection, and a “toolbox” at the bottom of each email that provides tips and guidance for new and current relationships.

At the end of the program, each person will have a better idea how to build their community, a healthy way to find those connections, and ways to keep those relationships resilient in life.

This is an online digital program delivered to you by a daily email. If you don’t see an email, double check the junk/spam folders as well as the promotions tab for gmail users as sometimes the email may land in there accidentally.


Looking for new ways to inspire your team to be well?

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