Wellness Champions
Welcome to Your Champion Access Portal

Thank you for all you do as one of our Wellness Champions! We provide these
resources to support the activities you do in the community.

Event Promotion Assets
Wellness Consortium
Logo and branding files

FREE June Meeting Code

Code: WCJUNE22

Semi-Annual Better Together Gathering

Social media assets to share

Informational Resources

Let Us Tell You
A Story

Great to share with members.

Who We Are as a
Connected Whole

Explanation of how our 4 spokes of YWC, SCBS, the Consortium and BSF Connections.

Detailed Monthly
Consortium Agenda

For Champions who facilitate one of the Wellness Consortium groups.

Streamlined Monthly Consortium Agenda

Bulleted – streamlined verbiage.

GZ Consortium Check-in Workflow

Using the staff Growth Zone app at meetings.

Champion Guide

All the details about the program, the role and the included benefits.

SCBS Agreement

For Champions present in corporate events and programs.

W-9 for Paid Events

Please update annually.