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Did you know a single word has the power to influence your genes, which regulate your physical and emotional stress? That’s what researchers recently discovered, which means seeing the word kindness and filling your home or office with positive words ultimately impacts your well-being! Even better, by displaying positive words on clothing or in your office, imagine the hundreds of people who you are impacting their well-being by simply seeing the word!

31 Days of Kindness Deck

These 31 daily cards will help you discover why kindness matters to your well-being, and why it not only lifts you up but creates an ongoing ripple of good in the world since most people have it in their hearts to pay the kindness they receive forward to the next person, and the next person, and so on.

7 Days of Kindness for Kids

After the success of our 31 Days of Kindness program for ages 18 and up, we are excited to announce our newest product: 7 Days of Kindness for Kids – a seven-day journey to address the mental health crisis and help kids become more mindful and take action with kindness.

The School of Life
Kindness Prompt Cards

Be Good to People Hat
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Notes to Self Socks
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Deep Kindness
by Houston Kraft

Kindness Sweatshirt

100 Days of Kindness
Devotional Book

Eat Your Peas for Daily Inspiration Book

Kind People Are My Kinda People Doormat

In a World Where You Can Be Anything – Be Kind, Art Print

Raise Them Kind

The Economy of Kindness
by Linda Cohen

Seeds and Trees: A Children’s
Book on the Power of Words

Random Acts of Kindness Challenge Cards

Be a Kind Human

A New Alphabet For
Our Humanity book

All of This Is for You: A Little Book of Kindness

Thoughtful Threads
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