7 Days of Kindness for Kids


“When you are kind to others, it not only changes you, it changes the world.” – HAROLD KUSHNER

After the success of our 31 Days of Kindness program for ages 18 and up, we are excited to announce our newest product: 7 Days of Kindness for Kids – a seven-day journey to address the mental health crisis and help kids become more mindful and take action with kindness.

Our intention behind this program is to empower kids about their well-being by providing them with a resource to improve their physical and mental health through simple acts of kindness prompts. This program is especially important given the uncharted waters kids are facing in today’s world. We believe that their best defense is to build resilience, and researchers have proven that kindness is one effective way to do that. Our vision is to help kids see and believe that they are the catalyst to change in our world – by doing one simple act of kindness, it can launch a ripple of ongoing good in the world since most kids find it in their hearts to pay kindness forward to the next person.

Three different decks are available depending on the child’s age – ages 5-10; ages 11-13; ages 14-18.

Bulk orders of 100 or more receive a 25% discount automatically applied at checkout.

If you are a school or non-profit looking to purchase, please email hello@smallchangesbigshifts.com so we can provide steps for tax exemption.

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