The Shift Experience – Scholarship Option

A Well-Being Discovery Journey

We are on a mission to empower young adults to discover their best selves through holistic health.

Welcome to a transformative well-being journey unlike any other – the Shift Experience.

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s easy to lose sight of yourself and your well-being amidst the demands of life – growing a career, caring for family, managing a household, and discovering who you are.

Stress, burnout, and health concerns can take their toll, leaving you feeling drained and disconnected from your true vitality.

The impact is real…and growing.

In the U.S. last year, more than 1 in 5 women experienced a mental health condition, with anxiety disorders affecting 42.5 million adults.

Depression increased to 21.7% of the adult population, affecting nearly 54.2 million adults.

In 2023 diabetes increased to 11.5% of the adult population, impacting nearly 31.9 million adults.

People who have Type 2 Diabetes may be up to 45% to 90% more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia, such as vascular dementia.

But what if there was a way to SHIFT and reclaim your health, boost your energy, and increase your longevity?

Imagine waking up each day feeling invigorated, radiating with vitality, and in perfect harmony with your purpose.

Envision making small, yet impactful changes that ripple through every facet of your existence – from your physical well-being to your emotional resilience, from your career fulfillment to your spiritual enlightenment.

Imagine having a tribe of fierce supporters cheering you on as you conquer your goals, overcome your obstacles, and celebrate your victories.

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Introducing the Shift Experience, a six-month wellness program designed for 18-30 year olds.
We’re not here to promise overnight miracles, but we can guarantee real, tangible results. From increased energy and vitality to improved mental clarity and emotional resilience, our participants consistently report transformative changes that last a lifetime.

After the program, you’ll…

  • Know at your core what makes you unique through your story and how to best care for where you are at now
  • Be able to break down the wellness process into simple steps – building one Quadrant of Well-Being area at a time – eventually having a wellness map custom designed just for you!
  • Put the odds in your favor as you develop tangible wellness strategies to build into your A, B and C self-care days.
  • Feel nurtured and connected through strengthened relationships and support within your community.
  • Have a solid sustainability plan to confidently continue your well-being journey and be able to share your learning with your community.

What’s Included

Your journey runs from July through January. The program is a holistic approach to wellness which blends education, assessment, 1:1 wellness coaching, monthly group learning circles, individual wellness services, a special graduation celebration, and more!


From day one, you will have access to over 15 hours of our virtual wellness content to provide you with a proven roadmap to build and sustain a healthy life.  

Each month you will be guided through specific learning modules to increase your awareness and build your self-care resources. Access will continue for one additional month after the program ends to support your learning at a comfortable pace.

Wellness Assessments and Consultations

At the beginning and towards the end of the program, you will receive a set of lab tests and biometric screenings to find out your body’s deficiencies and/or conditions. If needed, X-rays will be taken.

Along with the assessments, you will have 2 fifteen-minute lab consultations – in month one and month five – with Dr. Michelle Robin.

Vitamins and Supplements

Based on the lab panel results, supplements will be provided for seven months.

After completing the program, participants will receive a 25% discount through our Fullscript portal.

Provider Care

Each participant is eligible to receive monthly counseling along with appointments for chiropractic, acupuncture, bodywork, and functional medicine.

Additional opportunities for group activities (grocery store tour, exercise class, healing circle) and a two-day program to bring more understanding, love, and aliveness to your life are available.

Learning Circles

These 6 ninety-minute sessions, guided by Program Manager Bayleigh Petty, are the space to come together for support, action accountability, and clarification to your questions to help you stay on track and achieve your goals.

These in-person gatherings include dinner and are on Tuesday evenings from 5:30-7pm.

1:1 Goal Support

The Program Manager will meet twice with each participant for 60-minutes to explore goals for how to use the program to create the outcomes important for each individual and create the shifts desired in life.

These sessions are virtual and can be scheduled to accommodate individual schedules.

Scholarship and Participation Requirements

Who You Are

You are between the ages of 18 to 30 and are part of an under-served community, where it’s difficult to find people – physically and financially – who support your whole health.

Though the scholarship covers the bulk of the program services, you have the ability to contribute $25/month (or a one-time $150 payment).


You can commit to the entire six-month wellness journey.

Time expectations are a minimum of 5 hours per month including attending at least 4 of the group learning circles, at least 2 hours/month on online wellness education, and making appointments with individual providers.


You are able to begin the prerequisite free program by June.  Our staff can track your activity on the learning dashboard, so you are able to complete this at any time.

You are ready to begin the primary program July 1st and meet the required monthly time expectations.

Key Program Dates

July 1st Access online learning portal, complete initial learning programs, and schedule labwork and initial consultations

July 9th*: Kick-off Learning Circle with guided Body Talk program by Dr. Robin

August 20th Learning Circle

September 17th Learning Circle

October 15th Learning Circle

November 19th Learning Circle

December 17th Learning Circle

January 21st Program Graduation Celebration Dinner

January 31st Access to online learning closes

*This date is a required attendance along with a minimum of 3 other learning circles.

The deadline to apply is June 19th, 2024 at midnight CDT.
Selected applicants will be notified June 24th.

Note: as of January 1, 2024, The Big Shifts Foundation operationally all programming with our sister company to best serve our mission as a not-for-profit organization. With this consolidation, the name was also changed to Small Changes Big Shifts Co. The videos here reflect our ongoing mission and an earlier version of this program under the old name.

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