Individual Wellness Resources

Start your wellness adventure today! Take a step towards a healthier, happier you by exploring our diverse range of resources. Your well-being matters, and we’re here to support every step of your journey.

This mini-program was created to help you experience the power of making small changes in your life. 

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Online Programs

While striving to be healthy can feel daunting, we see that when broken down into small steps and nurtured along the way, people are able to create a sustainable lifetime of well-being. It’s the reason we built our comprehensive programs with not just an awareness element, but also resources and structures to guide those first small lifestyle changes that turn into consistent healthy habits that last.

Books & Learning Tools
Being healthy takes more than being diligent in one area of wellness (e.g. just exercising or just eating whole foods). It requires attentiveness to your whole person – spirit, mind, and body. Our products take the complexity out of being healthy.


In Dr. Robin’s podcast, Small Changes Big Shifts, she will help you achieve the health and happiness you want and deserve. Each week you will hear about the world of health and wellness from guest experts and real people like you who are working to better their mind, body and spirit. This podcast will provide valuable inspiration and information to help you start and stick to your wellness plan.
Discovery Program
When things change inside of you, things change around you. Our plan will help each participant successfully continue their wellness journey after the program ends. Each person will leave the scholarship program with a sustainability plan based on their current lifestyle. We are on a mission to empower young adults to discover their best selves through holistic health.

Community Education Programs

Our Retreats are designed to support individuals embarking on their wellbeing journey. Our primary goal is to meet participants where they are in order to create lasting transformations. Whether you are looking for a place to start, have encountered hurdles in your efforts for change, or desire to instill wellness principles in your children, our diverse range of resources caters to everyone.
Products We Love
We believe in the power of collaboration and forming alliances with like-minded individuals, organizations, and businesses who resonate with our mission. Building meaningful partnerships is at the core of our values. By joining forces with those who align with our goals, values, and aspirations, we harness the strength of diverse perspectives, expertise, and resources.

Are you looking for wellness resources for yourself or corporate wellness resources for your team?

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