Our Mission

Small Changes Big Shifts empowers all people by meeting them where they are in their well-being journey. We simplify well-being by educating the community to support generational health change so people can become fully alive.

Our passion is sharing what we learned and now live.

Our mission was founded on a very simple idea – we want to see people come fully alive.

At Small Changes Big Shifts, we simplify wellness by recommending small changes people can make that ultimately create the biggest shifts in their lives.

There comes a time when we realize something is missing or out of balance. We go through the motions of life – sometimes quite successfully – but we continue to notice some empty or unfulfilled places inside of us. These places prevent us from feeling happy and complete as a person, but we may have a difficult time pinpointing what is needed so we can finally step into our best lives.

Our team walks, lives, and breathes every aspect of what we share because we, too, have been down this road. We understand what it’s like to be searching for something to make us feel healthier, happier, and more alive – and now that we’ve discovered the simple framework to do so, we’re guiding others to do the same.

Our aim is to simplify wellness and what that whole-person approach looks like for people.

What we’ve learned over the years is that people need community along the journey.  It’s why we love working with companies, organizations, and individuals in supportive group formats.

We can’t wait to meet you and see your story of well-being unfold!

A Change Made in 2024:

Since 2018, our mission had been served through two different entities, Small Changes Big Shifts and the Big Shifts Foundation.

Realizing that our missions were the same – to help adults, children, and employees discover their best selves – we have restructured our organization to better serve our communities in a simpler, more clear way.

You will now find all of our offerings – including corporate wellness programs, community education opportunities, online programs, 31 Days of Kindness, the six-month Well-Being Discovery program, and more – operating under our not-for-profit 501(c)3 umbrella known as Small Changes Big Shifts.

Same mission, more services, all conveniently located now with just one name!

Are you looking for wellness resources for yourself or corporate wellness resources for your team?

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