Wellness Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated

While striving to be healthy can feel daunting, we have a simplified structure to break it down and make it easier.

 In a world wondering if you should follow “this or that”, we reconnect people back to their body’s basic language and its need to remain balanced.

Most people know what they need to do to feel better and live a happier, more peaceful life. However, they may not know where to start, how to put the pieces together, or be able to follow through and reach positive long-term results.

It’s the reason we built our comprehensive programs with not just an awareness element, but also resources and structures to guide those first small lifestyle changes that turn into consistent healthy habits that last.

This follow through aspect is critical, as studies show at the core of every effective wellness program is one that involves lasting behavior change.

We believe our simple approach to wellness, called the Quadrants of Well-Being, is what helps people finally understand how they were designed to feel every day. We have seen over our thirty years in practice that it is when these four key areas around health are working together, that’s when people feel whole.

Just like a car needs four wheels to drive, being healthy and feeling well requires attentiveness to the whole self – spirit, mind, and body. We have seen that when just four areas are in harmony,  people discover a fuller and happier life. Even more, it builds resilience to face life’s challenges – no matter what is happening around them.

Our Simple Framework

Quadrants of Well-Being

Your body is the greatest instrument ever given to you, but it was designed to move your entire life. Your body is beyond weight or strength – it is a companion to how you experience life. The Mechanical Quadrant encompasses the musculoskeletal system. It encourages you to keep moving through exercise, spinal adjustments, stretching, and sleep posture.
Your body takes in food and other ingredients from the world around you. When your body is functioning well, it processes food including products you put on your skin by turning it into fuel so your body can operate at its optimal level. The Chemical Quadrant encourages things like nourishing your body with whole foods, reading ingredient labels, and staying hydrated so that it can continue to self-regulate and maintain stability.
You are made up of 500 billion cells, and scientists estimate you have 100 trillion atoms inside of them. Those atoms contain protons and neutrons which carry energy like electricity. They are the same atoms that make up everything else in the world, which means you are intrinsically connected to everything and everybody. Your electricity is constantly felt by those around you. The Energetical Quadrant encourages you to surround yourself with positive energy, unplug from what drains you, and reset your aura to attract more good in your life.
The connection between your mind and spirit collectively defines who you are, your purpose, and even influences the body in ways that aren’t fully understood but are undeniable. The Psychospiritual Quadrant asks you to acknowledge and nurture this connection, search for deeper life meaning, build resilience for faster healing, and approach the world more peacefully.

Are you looking for wellness resources for yourself or corporate wellness resources for your team?

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