How We Help

We ally with companies and organizations to build happy and healthy teams through customized wellness services.

Your needs and team culture are unique – just like our programs.

As with well-being, there is not one-size-fits-all need for a company’s wellness plan.

To best support your individual needs and goals, we start with an initial consultation to learn more, then we customize and co-design a program that will be the best fit for your organization.

While we offer a variety of keynote presentations and workshops, we encourage the learning to go further by integrating virtual learning programs, small group learning circles, and reinforcement resources.

We strive to create a community with your team to have a supportive journey, rather than letting them do it solo. In fact, researchers say banding together is a natural need and has always been part of our human history.

Who We Serve

We partner with human resource professionals, benefits managers, business owners, and leaders in school districts and spiritual communities to help positively impact individuals in their organizations and communities to help them put the odds in their favor to be well and stay well, at home and at work.

We partner with organizations that prioritze the health of their team’s well-being and whose values center around making a positive difference, starting first with their companies and the people within them.

Sample Program Options

People are your company or organization’s greatest asset. If your team is stressed, in pain, sleep-deprived, or unwell in general, it certainly impacts their individual contribution, but also affects the productivity and well-being of the team and company as a whole. Below are six of our most popular starter programs that can help your team overcome the tough stuff. These programs aim to build rhythm and resilience to better face the future together.

Build Your Foundation

Just getting started with your wellness program? 
Start with our introduction package which includes:
  • Your choice of either foundational 60-minute keynote (virtual or in-person) “Building Rhythm & Resilience” or “Tune in to Your Well-Being”
  • Your choice of one of our foundational eBooks – Wellness on a Shoestring or Small Changes Big Shifts– or our 52 week virtual Snackable habit-building program
  • Optional Comprehensive Biometrics/Labs with two 1-to-1 meetings and 30-minute “What Do Your Labs Mean” session are ideal to establish baseline markers
Reconnect and Reset

Bring your team back to a place of positivity and connection.

Stressful times such as a company merger, a team restructure, or a global pandemic can impact the functioning of the team and employee retention. Get your group back together with these program pieces.


  • The “Build Your Community” 60-minute keynote (virtual or in-person) with three leadership or team interviews about community in their own lives
  • Our “21 Days to Build Your Community” virtual program
  • An interactive team-building activity focused on reconnecting with each other

Amplify Your Routine

Build consistent healthy routines with quarterly presentations followed by virtual programs to integrate the learning:

  • “Building Rhythm & Resilience” Kickoff 60-minute Keynote
  • “All Movement Matters” keynote & 21 Days to Align Your Posture
  • “Free Your Space” keynote & 21 Days to Free Your Space
  • “10 Ways to Better Manage Stress” keynote & 21 Days to a Calm and Peaceful Life
  • “How to Get More from Sleep” keynote & 21 Days to Rejuvenating Sleep
  • Optional Comprehensive Biometrics/Labs with two 1-to-1 meetings and 30-minute “What Do Your Labs Mean” session

Individualize this by customizing the quarterly keynote topics.

We were looking for someone to guide our staff through an exercise to both understand the challenges the pandemic has presented to us as an organization, but also to give us some positivity as a group to collectively propel us forward.   The response from our staff about the event was overwhelming – we walked away feeling more hope, energy, enthusiasm, and excitement about reconnecting back as a team and the work we do. 

Scott Hall

Senior Vice President, Civic and Community Initiatives , KC Chamber

The Shift Experience

Set your team members and organization up for success with this comprehensive program.

Self-care is the first defense against stress and other adversity.  While most of us know we need to take care of ourselves – like drinking water, exercising, and so on – many people may be surprised to learn that self-care goes beyond these basics. The Shift Experience immerses your team in 12 months of wellness – both on a personal and team level – by introducing key topic areas with well-rounded support to put the concepts into practice, one small change at a time.   

  • The program begins with Optional Comprehensive Biometrics/Labs and a one-on-one session with a coach or practitioner about your results to give you a starting assessment and plan
  • Enjoy monthly support with eight 60-minute keynotes (Kick-off, “How to Find Your Tribe”, “Tune Into Your Well-being”, presentations of each of the Quadrants of Well-being, and wrap up
  • Take the learning deeper with five 21-day virtual programs (Find your Tribe, Align your Posture, Free your Space, Rejuvenating Sleep, Calm and Peaceful Life), the “E-Factor” and “Wellness on a Shoestring” eBooks, handouts, self-assessments, and our 52 Well-Being Snackables habit deck
  • Finish with our free Kindness Campaign to keep the ripple of love going

E-Factor Half Day Workshop

Strengthen cohesiveness, provide peer accountability support, and lead from the top down.

This workshop is great to do with leadership groups or small teams to create a positive environment for well-being.

Building on each person’s basic health knowledge, participants will walk away with an individual wellness plan along with tools to guide the next steps of their wellness journey. Exercises, tips, and recipes are customized for the group to help each person reach their wellness goals, feel energized, and have a balanced life. Highlighted in the workshop are the three factors that will move you forward to optimal wellbeing and help you more effectively step into the “you before everyone else” concept that is critical as a leader.

  • 4 hour workshop at a time and location of your choice
  • “E-Factor: Engage, Energize, Enrich” eBook for each participant
  • Optional large group “Building Rhythm and Resilience” Keynote can provide a common well-being framework before leadership splits off for the in-depth workshop
  • Optional Comprehensive Biometrics/Labs with two 1-to-1 practitioner meetings and 30-minute “What Do Your Labs Mean” group presentation
The E Factor Mini-retreat was a game changer for my executive team and our organization as a whole. Dr. Robin’s approach engaged our hearts, minds and bodies and reconnected our staff to our personal and professional mission of healthy living. Many of our executive team were compelled to take immediate action in their own lives and have since shared testimonials of significant changes in their well-being. The E Factor has given us simple, holistic tools to expand our mission of healthy living, at home and throughout the organization, benefiting us as individuals, as a team, and our customers.
David Bryd

President and CEO, YMCA of Greater Kansas City

Replenish, Re-tune, Re-focus Half Day Workshop

The perfect way to refill a small team when experiencing stress, depletion and burnout.

This workshop is centered around nurturing to refuel body, mind and spirit.

  • 60 minute choice of massage, energy work or acupuncture
  • Gentle movement and mindfulness activity
  • 60-minute wellness education around a topic point of your choice
  • Clean breakfast and/or lunch
  • Closing intentions and goal setting

Connect With Us

Customize YOUR wellness program with a full list of options


Creating Generational Change

Giving Kids an Early Start to Living a Whole and Happy Life

We help kids build awareness around well-being, so they feel empowered to discover their best life.

We provide age-appropriate books and resources that are all centered around the Quadrants of Well-Being. They begin to learn at any early age that wellness is not all about exercising nor eating well, but rather about balance in several areas of their lives.

Big Shifts Foundation Scholarship

We are on a mission to empower young adults, ages 18-30, to discover their best selves through holistic health. Practitioners help each person identify what areas of their lives – spiritually, energetically, chemically, and mechanically – could use more attention. By following this simple framework, our scholarship recipients begin to discover how good their bodies were designed to feel every day – all day. To view more about the scholarship opportunity, visit the application page.

Starter Resources for Kids

These books for ages 5-18 provide a great stepping stone for kids to learn how to dial into their well-being and build better healthy habits. We recommend parents or educators reading them together with kids.

Coming in 2023

We are developing Kindness Kits for kids grade 1 through grade 12. The kits include monthly activity prompts, tips, and resources that will build new skills in empathy, compassion, and kindness.  In the meantime, check out our Kindness for Kids decks.

Hear from our 2021 Big Shifts Foundation graduates about their journey into whole person health.

Looking for new ways to inspire your team to be well?

Download your free copy of Well-Being Tips Every Leader Should Know to gather inspiration, guidance, and tips for leaders wanting their teams to step into their best lives.