Small Changes Big Shifts® eBook


Take the complexity out of being healthy by learning the why and how of seven simple,cost effective, healthy habits that will fundamentally improve your mind-body-spirit wellbeing.

Wellness on a Shoestring: Seven Habits for a Healthy Life® shares simple actions in seven categories that will fundamentally improve your well being, with little or no financial cost. Throughout the book you will be challenged with questions to consider allowing for a quick self-assessment of the topic. As you read you will explore the mind-body-spirit impacts of the seven habits learning not just the what but also the why and how to incorporate the new habits into your life.

Included are stories of real clients that have applied the habits demonstrating the impact they can have on one’s well being. The book gives you practical actions to apply the chapter’s lessons as well as space to write notes, affirmations, or intentions.

There is a companion curriculum, The Wellness on a Shoestring® Program that expands upon the information in the book and supports the incorporation of each habit in your life.

This is a digital ebook in a PDF format.


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