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You already know the basics of good health. So why do you still struggle to reach your wellness goals, feel energized and have a balanced life? Dr. Robin’s book, The E Factor: Engage, Energize, Enrich – Three Steps to Vibrant Health,® addresses the three factors that will move you forward to optimal well-being. Dr. Robin shares how to engage a wellness lifestyle, first by knowing your why, setting your intention, planning your path, and finding your tribe. Next, she helps you understand how to energize your life, addressing adrenal fatigue, food as fuel, and life energy. Finally, Dr. Robin reminds you that your well-being includes life enriching factors, like impacting your community, having healthy relationships, being in gratitude and serving others. Each chapter concludes with exercises, tips, recipes or planning tools to guide you in the next steps of your wellness journey. Health and well-being are more than eating salads and exercising. Read The E Factor to achieve holistic, vibrant health!


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