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The Shift Experience

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In the hustle and bustle of modern life, it’s easy to lose sight of your own well-being amidst the demands of high-level leadership and managing a household.

Stress, burnout, and health concerns can take their toll, leaving you feeling drained and disconnected from your true vitality.

The impact is real…and growing.

41% of leaders state they are under immense stress with 36% reporting burnout

Over the past 30 years, there has been a 65% increase in prevalent brain disorders -including mental health disorders, neurological disorders, and cerebrovascular diseases

These brain disorders are expected to increase 22% by 2050, primarily due to increases in headaches, Alzheimer’s disease, depressive and anxiety disorders, and strokes.

In the U.S. last year, more than 1 in 5 women experienced a mental health condition, with anxiety disorders affecting 42.5 million adults.

Depression increased to 21.7% of the adult population, affecting nearly 54.2 million adults.

In 2023 diabetes increased to 11.5% of the adult population, impacting nearly 31.9 million adults.

People who have Type 2 Diabetes may be up to 45% to 90% more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia, such as vascular dementia.

But what if there was a way to SHIFT and reclaim your health, boost your energy, and increase your longevity?

Imagine waking up each day feeling invigorated, radiating with vitality, and in perfect harmony with your purpose.

Envision making small, yet impactful changes that ripple through every facet of your existence – from your physical well-being to your emotional resilience, from your career fulfillment to your spiritual enlightenment.

Imagine having a tribe of fierce supporters cheering you on as you conquer your goals, overcome your obstacles, and celebrate your victories.

“In the first half of our lives, we sacrifice our health for our wealth. Then, in the second half, we spend our wealth to regain our health.” – Inspired by Dalai Lama

Introducing The Shift Experience, a six-month Executive Wellness Mastermind program exclusively crafted for professional women like you!
Women ages 35-65
Keep hitting obstacles to your wellness goals, like 74% of leaders

Managing the pressure of work and home are taking a toll on your health, your performance, and your relationships

Are ready to make small changes that yield big shifts in your well-being
Want a peer group that gets you to support your journey
This isn’t just another wellness program.

Guided by Dr. Michelle Robin’s decades of expertise and passion for holistic well-being, this program offers a first-ever opportunity to join an exclusive community dedicated to revitalizing spirit, mind, and body.

During our comprehensive six-month journey, you’ll unlock YOUR self-care medicine.

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter solutions that don’t address your unique needs. Our program is designed to meet you exactly where you are on your wellness journey and provide personalized guidance every step of the way.

Through our rich library of on-demand educational modules, we’ve curated the most effective strategies to help you thrive in every aspect of your life.

But the monthly mastermind sessions are where the magic truly happens. Led by Dr. Robin and supported by a community of like-minded women, these sessions offer a unique opportunity for personalized guidance, accountability, and mutual encouragement.

That’s the power of The Shift Experience community – a tribe of women committed to lifting each other higher.  And the benefits don’t stop there.

By investing in The Shift Experience, you’re not just investing in a program…

  • you’re investing in yourself, your family, and future generations
  • you’re investing in being the professional and personal leader you know you can be
  • you’re investing in your health, your happiness, and your future
  • you’re saying yes to a life of abundance, fulfillment, and unlimited potential
Proven Results

We’re not here to promise overnight miracles, but we can guarantee real, tangible results.

After the program, you’ll…

Put the odds in your favor as you develop tangible wellness strategies to build into your A, B and C self-care days

Enjoy increased vitality and resilience to combat burnout and tackle life’s challenges

Decrease worry around your chronic health risks as you see your changes shift in your labs and physical health markers

Enjoy improved brain health with enhanced focus, reduced stress, and a greater sense of mental well-being – fostering clarity and peace of mind about long-term longevity

Feel nurtured and connected through strengthened relationships and support within your community

Mark your calendar

Program Runs July 1st, 2024-January 1, 2025

How It Works

Our program is designed for your convenience and engagement, to both fit into your busy life and to help you get the results you want and deserve through our holistic approach to wellness.  Along with the following resources, your program will be supported by our dedicated customer experience team to ensure a seamless experience – online and offline.

With the monthly group gatherings on Tuesdays from 8-9:30am– dates below – and online learning, plan for 5-6 hours per month of time investment.

  • July 9
  • August 13
  • September 10
  • October 1
  • November 5
  • December 3



From day one, you’ll gain access to your online learning dashboard, where a wealth of resources awaits.  The foundational resources there will provide you with a proven roadmap to build and sustain a healthy life.

Each month, you’ll embark on a guided exploration of wellness through different topics – complete with videos, written information, and self-assessments.

Access to your online resources will continue for one additional month after the program ends to support your learning at a comfortable pace.

Learning Circles

Alongside the monthly online learning modules, you’ll gather in-person with the group, fostering a sense of community and connection.

During these intimate gatherings, Dr. Robin will provide an overview summary of the month’s learning, answer any questions you may have, provide nourishing nudges for your health, offer personalized coaching to help you hit your monthly goals, and guide the group towards meaningful peer connections and collective learning.

These sessions include a healthy breakfast, providing the perfect start to your day.

Two Key Wellness Assessments

Take charge of your health journey with comprehensive lab work and biometric screening at the beginning and end of the program.

Knowing these wellness numbers can help to catch underlying deficiences and building issues. 

You will know how to use these critical markers to support your wellness goals through the online program “Understanding Your Lab Results” and the individual consultations with Dr. Robin.

1:1 Wellness Coaching

You will receive two individual Wellness Coaching sessions with Dr. Robin to craft your personalized wellness and sustainability plans to support your journey.

The first session takes place after your initial labs and bio-metrics.  These 45-minutes will be used to discuss your personal goals and co-create a wellness plan to meet your key goals.

The second session will come in month five, following your second set of labs and biometrics.  During these 30-minutes, you will chart your progress and co-create a sustainability wellness plan to carry you forward.

Supplement Discount

It is common for the lab work to show system deficiencies, many of which can be supported through vitamins and supplements. 

Looking through a Functional Medicine lens, you will receive recommendations of the products to help restore your balance.

Participants recieve a 15% discount on all recommended supplements through our convenient FullScript portal as well as in-stock items at Your Wellness Connection for the duration of the program.

Optional Glucose Monitor

Stay proactive about your metabolic health and see in real time how  your food, movement, and stress affects you glucose levels.  Use this vital information to tailor your lifestyle to support optimal well-being.

We provide a special program link to get your six-month subscription* through our trusted partner, whose product is specifically designed for people without diagnosed metabolic conditions to provide cutting edge prevention resources.  

*Additional cost

DON’T WAIT – There are just 16 spots in this program!

Are you ready to invest in yourself and build credit in your wellness and life accounts?!

Don’t wait another day to start living the vibrant, fulfilling life you deserve. Spaces are limited, and this exclusive opportunity won’t last long.

Let’s make the shift together – because your best life starts now.

About Your Master Guide

With over 30 years of experience as a chiropractor, author, inspiring speaker on national and international stages, teacher, and holistic healer, Dr. Michelle Robin is a true pioneer in the wellness industry. Her passion for generational change and her unwavering dedication to helping others make small changes for big shifts have earned her numerous awards and accolades, including the Kansas City Business Journal’s Women Who Mean Business.

Through her work, she has empowered countless individuals to live their best lives and embrace wellness as a journey of self-discovery and growth.


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Registration Closes June 22, 2024

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