A Look Inside the Big Shifts Foundation Program

Guest: Frankie Banuelos | Season 10, Ep. 432

Dr. Michelle Robin invites Frankie Banuelos to share what his experience has been like going through the Big Shifts Foundation Scholarship Program this year. As he’s getting ready to wrap-up his six-month curriculum in the program, he reflects on some of the highlights of being part of it and how his perception and understanding of self-care has shifted since he began the journey. He also shares some of the habits he’s embodied, and most of all, how his new lifestyle and mindset has translated and impacted other youth in the Kansas City area. By the end of the show, Frankie shares what he would go back and tell his younger self if he could, and how this program taught him to develop a clearer vision for his life going forward.

About Today’s Guest:

Since 2020, Frankie Banuelos has been working as a project manager for a nonprofit organization called Young Women on the Move in Kansas City, Kansas. His primary responsibility is to facilitate and implement a program called Love Notes, which helps youths make wise choices regarding relationships and sexuality during their teenage and young adult years. Frankie’s strengths lie in his excellent organizational skills, his willingness to learn and grow, and his passion for working closely with young people to help them develop skills.


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