An Upcoming Life-Changing Event for Women and
Taking Age Out of the Box

Guests: Diane O’Byrne, Kathy Armitage | Season 9, Ep. 382

Welcome to our Special Topics episode in July, where we bring in two of our sponsors to help bring our listeners community-building engagement, prevention, into financial health, and education opportunities available.

Today’s Special Topics Episode

Diane O’Byrne presents an amazing opportunity for women in the Kansas City area on September 3, 2022 – the Living in Vitality conference at AdventHealth (formally known as Shawnee Mission). This year marks its 25th anniversary, where they have spent all prior years bringing women together to learn and receive lifelong self-care takeaways that will finally get them closer to stepping into their best lives. She highlights what the day encompasses and what the admission includes for each woman. She even shares a heartwarming story about a friend’s sister who experienced a life-changing moment for herself while at this event, which is often why so many women choose to return again and again for this event every year.

In the last segment of the show, Kathy Armitage from the YMCA in Greater Kansas City joins us to break the barriers that we often put around ourselves as we age. After her father experienced a tragic fall, which led to complications and his passing, Kathy has spent the last 22 years of her career at the YMCA creating programs for people aging and looking for a way to stay active, improve their flexibility and strength, all while removing limitations we often put on ourselves as we age. She shares a handful of opportunities and programs available at the YMCA of Greater Kansas City that have helped thousands of people see that society has put folks who age in a box – but each person has an opportunity to go outside that box and start gaining strength and confidence at any age. She even shares some tips you can do at home to improve balance and fall prevention, since most falls happen at home.

About Today’s Guests:

Diane O’Byrne is the Co-Chair of Living in Vitality annual event at AdventHealth. She has four generations of women in her family who are living in vitality, and has a passion to see more women in our community discover the power in self-care and resources available for them to live a life better than they could have ever imagined.

Kathy Armitage is the Active Lifestyles Program Director at the YMCA of Greater Kansas City. She specializes in working with people who are 50 and older through healthy living programs that support body, mind, and spirit. She has spent the last 22 years at the YMCA developing programs for these ages, and pioneered the programs that help people see that aging doesn’t mean they will lose their flexibility, strength, or mobility.

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