Celebrate: How to Celebrate Yourself & Others

Guest: Tess Masters | Season 9, Ep. 362

Tess Masters is an actor, cook, lifestyle personality, and author of The Blender Girl, The Perfect Blend, The Detox Dynamo Cleanse, and The Blender Girl Smoothies app and book.

In high demand as a spokesperson, presenter, and recipe developer, Tess collaborates with leading food and lifestyle brands.

Tess is the global spokesperson for KitchenAid blenders, ambassador for Massel broths, and has presented videos for Sprouts Market, Silk, So Delicious, Earthbound Farm, Vega, Driscoll’s, KitchenIQ, and others.

Not to mention, Tess is a dear friend of Dr. Robin’s and an expert at celebrating everyone she meets.

Memorable Quotes:

  • “So, I think another way of framing self-esteem and self-belief and faith is this: celebrating yourself. And I think that there’s this misconception that if you do that, you’re a narcissist or you’re egotistical or you’re into yourself. Well, yeah, be into yourself.”
  • “The dictionary says well-being equals happiness. In my definition of wellbeing, after being in the space for 40 years, is when your mind, body, and spirit don’t get in your way of living.”
  • “When you can’t give a full-throated, complete, energetic yes to somebody, you’re actually doing everyone a favor by taking your ‘yes’ off the table with that person or that organization or that job or whatever, because then it allows the energy to shift and then to get the full-throated yes from somebody who’s really able to give it.”
  • “That’s a really important way of celebrating others is not being distracted by other things and being completely present in the moment with that person.”

What You’ll Learn:

The various ways to celebrate big wins and everyday small wins in your life and the lives of those around you.

This Episode Includes:  

  • Tess learned how to celebrate people in her life by watching her parents demonstrate that behavior when she was a child.
  • When you meet someone new try to learn and remember their name.
  • Life is like a seesaw and you have to find your balance somewhere in the middle.
  • One way to frame self-esteem and self-belief is by celebrating yourself.
  • Celebrating oneself doesn’t have to be egotistical when it’s done from the posture of filling your cup so you can give back to the world.
  • Speak to your limiting beliefs and practice positive self-talk.
  • Do something nice for yourself each day.
  • Create one-on-one relationships and connect with those people on a regular basis.
  • Accept compliments without qualifiers.
  • Nourish and celebrate your body by taking care of it with a healthy lifestyle.
  • You can celebrate someone by connecting them to another person who will greatly impact their life.
  • Be discerning about the kind of people you surround yourself with and the energy they emanate.
  • When you live from a place of gratitude and abundance time is your best friend, when you live from a place of depletion, time is your greatest enemy.
  • When you learn how to celebrate yourself and others you elevate the world.

Three Takeaways From Today’s Episode:

  1. Be a mindful, global citizen.
  2. Expand and endorse. Think about who you could endorse that can help expand their network.
  3. Let your energy be infectious.

Mentioned In The Episode:

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Dr. Robin

Welcome back to Small Changes, Big Shift. I’m Dr. Michelle Robin. And joining me today is my friend Test Masters. Tess is the master. No pun intended or all pun intended. She’s the master of celebration and being a go-giver. And if you follow me, you know that I believe in LTR’s lifetime relationships where you show up for people. You are go-giver, you celebrate them, and you also do on- on-ones to build more meaningful relationships. We’ve had some really great one on one, especially in the spa.


Right, Tess, we have had some amazing hearts on one-on-one for sure, without a doubt.

Dr. Robin

Well, Tess, I never really thought about the word celebrate until probably I want to say maybe about seven years ago, I heard you talk about celebrating others, and it’s one of those phrases that just stuck to my soul. And so thank you for that. And that’s one reason why it’s in my LTRs to celebrate each other. So who taught you about celebrate? You taught me. So who taught you?


My parents. Yes, my parents. I’ve got the most amazing parents. And they’re go-getters, they’re go-givers. They form lifetime relationships. They do one-on-one. They do group activities. They show up for themselves. They show up for each other. They show up for my sister and myself. They show up for their friends, they show up for their colleagues, and they show up for the world as a global citizen. They do a lot of charity work, things like that.

But I think energetically. It was just something in our family. We always sat down while my dad flew, so he was for his job. So, he was away in different countries a lot. But when we were home altogether, we would always sit and have dinner or have a meal or go out or whatever.

And we would just talk about our day and what was our high and our low for the day and what did we want to celebrate and what was amazing and what we were excited about. And my dad was surrounded by these three women, and he just raised us to believe that we could do anything and be anything. And my dad always had this saying, do you want to be right or do you want to be happy? And also, only unhappy people treat other people badly.

So, my dad taught me to call everybody by their name, and if I didn’t know their name, to ask them what their name was. So, everybody from the grocery store clerk to the waitress at the restaurant to the guy on the bus to anybody. Oh, what’s your name? Tom. Okay, great. And then when Tom would bring the food. Thank you, Tom. Where are you from, Tom? You know, he’s just a happy, beautiful person.

And I know you’ve met my dad and he’s very special and so is my mom. And so that’s where I learned it. Habits are practices that are repeated day in, day out until it becomes your default position. And it’s just how you are in the world.

And I think my dad always does this thing when he meets somebody and they’re really rude or angry or nasty or whatever. He’s just got this really magical way where he just says, oh, what’s your name? And he looks at their names like, Michelle, I hope your day gets better. And he doesn’t say it in a nasty way. And they go, what do you mean? And I said, well, I don’t know. You just seem like you’re having a bad day or you wouldn’t be acting like that.

And I am telling you, nine times out of ten, the person either burst into tears or says, I’m sorry, my husband just lost his job or I just sent out my mom had cancer almost every single time. That’s what happened. And I watched him do this over and over and over again. And it was always the case.

I think in life there is this belief that there’s only a finite amount. Right. And that if you somehow celebrate and elevate somebody else, there’s less left for you. But actually, when we celebrate ourselves, that’s self-esteem. Right. And our belief in ourselves and stepping forward with expansive beliefs as opposed to limiting beliefs and believing we can do anything and be anything, then we expand into our full potential. And then when we celebrate and elevate others, we help them expand into their full potential.

And when you expand, there’s actually more. There’s more knowing there’s more growing, there’s more being, I think. And this concept of more is interesting. Right. Because often more is just more. Right. Like it’s that old adage. If I would have written you a short note, but I didn’t have time. It takes time to simplify things. And so, yeah, my parents. Absolutely.

Dr. Robin

Who do you think your dad and your mom learned it from? Do you think that was just something that was their special gift to the world? Do you think they had teachers?


I think my dad learned it from my grandmother. She was this way as well. So, I think he learned it from her. I think my dad does a lot of listening, too. He likes to talk as well. We’re all talkers, as you know, but he does do a lot of listening. He’s one of the most well-read, well-rounded people I know. So, he doesn’t just watch left-wing media or right-wing media or this radio station or that newspaper. He reads it all and he listens to it all.

And he likes to get sort of a balanced view of things. And I think it’s like life is like a seesaw. Right. You don’t want to be right down the bottom where you’re waiting for your partner or your friend or the person on the other end to pull you back up again or be right at the top where you’re just struggling. You want to be somewhere in the middle. And that’s a spectrum. Right.

And then that’s where you find your balance on any given day. And he’s really good at that. I think the other thing, too, is we just glean things from everybody we meet, don’t we? Even if it could be a glowing example of I like that. I’m taking that like you did. Right.

There’s a saying in acting, good actors borrow great actors stea,l and make it their own. And I think that’s very much the case with life. Every experience gives you the tools for the next experience, even if it’s just, wow, I did that. Okay. I’m going to do better next time or whatever it might be. Yeah.

And I think this idea of celebrating every single win and it’s everything from, I had energy today. Yeah. That meal was delicious. I mean, it just doesn’t even matter what it is. And it could be something huge. Like I got into that University or I got that job or I just ran that marathon, or I was able to walk around the block without puffing and puffing and stopping.

I mean, it could just be such simple stuff. And with my friends, we always have this and we celebrate every win. We celebrate every win. And so, I think you and I do that when we speak.

Actually, another person that really taught me was my friend Lane Koch. She’s a headhunter and she places CEOs and MDS in companies around the world and stuff like that. And she always talks about how life is like three legs of a stool. You have your personal life, your professional life and your self-esteem. They are the three legs. And in order to stand up strong and have a strong foundation, you have to have two out of the three. And you better hope one of them is self-esteem. It has to be self-esteem.

So, I think another way of framing self-esteem and self-belief and faith is this celebrating yourself. And I think that there’s this misconception that if you do that, you’re a narcissist or you’re egotistical or you’re into yourself. Well, yeah, be into yourself. But I think it only gets out of balance when you don’t use that knowledge and that growth to make the world a better place and to give to others and that kind of thing.

But yeah, I think he has some really good friends as well. I think a few different people, but definitely my grandmother.

Dr. Robin

You had me when you said unhappy people make unhappy people happy people make happy people have their surround themselves and they brighten up the room. The dictionary says well-being equals happiness. In my definition of wellbeing, after being in the space for 40 years, is when your mind, body, spirit don’t get in your way of living. You don’t have a headache or a belly ache, you don’t have anxiety about the conversation, or what’s next?

You’re just going, okay. I’m grateful for where I’m at today. I’m grateful for this conversation where I get to glean some more wisdom from our time together in this energy exchange, even though it’s over the Internet, because you’re in Australia, I’m in Kansas City.

There’s still a connection. And I think that we’ve learned that more over the last couple of years. So, I’m curious, what are ways people can celebrate themselves? Because I think about and I’ve learned this because I used to be a person that was always putting other people first and not taking care of myself.

Right now one of my greatest joy is playing Pickleball. Right. So I’m going to celebrate when I don’t miss any serves, but anyhow wait until you come back to this date to replace a pickleball in the fall. But I’m curious, what are ways you can celebrate yourself? Because I think about self-love equals self-care.


Yeah. I think for me, the first thing is about massaging or speaking to the limiting beliefs. Right. And we all have them. We all have them. Those voices that say, I can’t do that, it’s going to happen again. Everything I do turns to crap or I’m not good enough. The I’m not enough story. It lives in all of us. We all have that from time to time. But I think that’s the first thing.

It’s just realizing that you have all these different voices. I call it my five-year-old, my 17-year-old, my 27-year-old, my current self, and my 85-year-old that’s just laughing, going, oh, please don’t stress. If you just knew how awesome it all was, you would just relax.

And so those voices in my head are constantly talking to each other. And the five year old is so needy, she’s not enough. She just wants to be known and loved and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Right. So that’s the first thing.

It’s just speaking to yourself the way that you would speak to a dear friend or your children. And I think often we speak to each other in much harsher tones than we would ever speak to somebody that we cared about or loved or even just a random stranger in the community.

That’s the first thing. It’s just being mindful of the way that you talk to yourself. So, I think that’s the first thing because that informs absolutely everything else. The limiting beliefs, the self love, the belief. And that helps to spur you on. So that’s the first thing.

The second thing for me is doing something nice for myself every single day. And it could be something as simple as just sitting still and just listening. I think a lot of us are afraid to be in silence with ourselves for what might come up. Right. And for me, my friend Michelle, who, you know, Michelle Porter, she’s an energy healer and she calls it making friends with your uglies, those things you might be ashamed of, the negative thoughts that are creeping into your head.

I mean, we all have it and just going, why am I thinking that? Why do I feel that way? And just that kind of stuff. So, I think that’s another one doing something nice here. So, it could be going and having a coffee, sitting under a tree, reading a chapter of your favorite book, dancing just because sticking on your favorite song and dancing in your living room or something, calling up a friend and having a wonderful heart conversation, coming and seeing a movie, applying for that job.

I mean, it could just be all those different things, right? So, one-to-one I think that’s a big one. I think going back to what you were talking about with those one-to-one connections, that is a way of celebrating ourselves whilst at the same time celebrating somebody else that I have these amazing relationships.

Somebody wants to listen to me, I want to talk to that person. I want to hear what’s going on for them. I want that connection. So, I mean, I think celebrating yourself absolutely comes in the form of connection.

I think metaphorically and physically patting yourself on the back and being okay with saying, yeah, I got that right. And just kind of, yeah.

So, my friend Steph, speaking about teachers, she taught me that I wasn’t very good at receiving a compliment. There would always be a qualifier. So, if somebody said, yeah, I love your book, I might say something like, oh, thank you. That’s a good example because I’m pretty good about that. But let’s say somebody. Okay, this is a good one.

So, my mom, she’s a good cook. But if somebody said, oh, yeah, that was good. Yeah. But I burnt it a little bit on the outside and I shouldn’t have cooked it for so long. There was always something, right. So my friend Steph invites me for dinner.

This is 25 years ago now or something. And she cooked this absolutely exquisite vegetarian meal. And the food was incredible. And I said to her, oh, thank you so much. I’m going to remember that meal that was so delicious. And she responded, yeah, I got that right. And we all just burst out laughing because she did. And there was no point, there was no qualifiers.

Everyone experienced it in a slightly different way, but it was just absolutely beautiful. And I’ve never, ever forgotten that moment. And so, from then on, just like you did about the celebration, I went, I’m stealing that. I’m appropriating that because that was awesome. Right.

And because one of my superpowers is putting flavors together. And people just absolutely love the food that I create, the recipes that I create, I’ve stolen that from her now. So, when somebody writes to me and says, I love that mushroom stroganoff or that bolognase, we eat that every week, blah, blah, blah. I am so glad that one is a winner. I love it, too. And that’s the response. Boom. Right. Because I think people want to be happy.

They want to celebrate. They want to get on that mountaintop and look at the amazing view with you, and it just feeds everybody and nourishes everybody.

The other part of celebrating, this is an interesting one, right. Because it’s counterintuitive. But I think another way of celebrating is learning to set really clear boundaries, personal boundaries.

And I think that that is a way of celebrating that your time is valuable, that you give yourself permission to spend your time the way that you want or need to spend your time on any given day. And that saying, no, full-stop is a complete sentence.

And it means saying yes to something that’s a better fit. I’ve really struggled with this one because I really had a limiting belief that celebration was only yes. Only yes. And there’s that fantastic golden rule of improvisation where you say yes and you don’t block anything, yes and what yes, I’m available kind of thing. Right. Well, sometimes that might not be appropriate.

So, I feel like I’m really learning and have learned the last ten years that no full stop is an act of self-care, and it is also care for the other person. And my friend Kader actually said it differently.

She said, you know, Tess, when you can’t give a full throated, complete, energetic yes to somebody, you’re actually doing everyone a favor by taking your yes off the table with that person or that organization or that job or whatever, because then it allows the energy to shift and then to get the full throated yes from somebody who’s really able to give it. And it is the right fit.

And that really resonated with me a few years ago. So I think that’s another piece of it. And also just, nourishing yourself with beautiful food. Right. That’s a celebration. I feel like the food that we eat and the way that we choose to nourish our body or not is one of the greatest acts of self-love. Besides mindful thinking and putting positive thoughts out there.

It’s just an act of gratitude. This body is a temple. I love this body. I’m going to take care of it. It’s the only place I’ve got to live in this lifetime. I’m going to celebrate it. Right.

So, I think celebrating yourself is exercising, sleeping well, eating beautiful food, thinking positive thoughts, finding wonderful people to commune with and connect with, connecting with your community, being a mindful global citizen, all these things. Right. They’re all acts of celebration.

And I think when you celebrate yourself, you then celebrate others, you celebrate your community. And it’s just this constant cycle. Right. Of these circles that intersect and things. But yeah, I think that they’re the main ways that I think celebrate manifests.

Dr. Robin

Well, I want to kind of recap that. So basically, take care of your mind. Yeah. Take care of the way you nourish your body with your food. And for those of you that have not had a chance to experience Tess Master, Blender Girl, you will find fabulous recipes.

People say to me all the time, what do you think about this person, Tess Master, who you promote? And I said, well, how many people do you see me promoting? They said, Hardly anybody. I said, Because Tess is a real deal.

I know without a doubt she’s going to take phenomenal care of you because that’s her standard of excellence. So, I’m joined today by Test Masters, also known as the Blender Girl. And so we talked about good food, sleep, movement, head-space. Talk about celebrating others. What are some of your secret sauce? Maybe you don’t want to give your secrets, but how do you like to celebrate others?


No, I love to give my secrets away. There are no secrets because we all get stuff from the rest of the world. Right. So when you get geared, when you have share, I’m happy to share, whatever. Yeah. I mean, look, there’s so many ways. It depends on the day, on the person, on the moment, all that sort of thing. But everything from you do this really well, Michelle, you really do this well.

Checking in on somebody, sending a text message, a phone call. I love that app, Marco Polo, because you can send a little video chat where someone can see your face and they can feel your energy and things like that. So that’s the first thing. It’s just reaching out, reaching out and just going, how’s your day going? I hope today is a great day. What’s something awesome that happened today.

Sometimes I’ll send that to some friends or whatever, sending an email to talk about the love languages. I’m not necessarily a gift person, but then my mum goes, yeah, but you are. You give random things to people just because I’m more of a quality time, acts of service, words of affirmation person. I enjoy that. I reach out to people and when they tell me something great, I’m like, well, we’re going to celebrate that. And we celebrate every win.

I just will metaphorically get out my pom Poms and go bananas when my friend has a win with my colleague or someone in the community or whatever. And I love random interactions with strangers. I love it. And I know that you did this really well, too, Michelle, because we’ve traveled together. We’ve been at events together.

We’re sitting at tables with people we don’t know. And you’re fantastic at this. But, yeah, I think that’s a big one. It’s interesting with everyone on their devices, the importance of looking someone in the eye and really being present with them in the moment where there is nothing else in the world, there is only that conversation.

So, I think that that’s a really important way of celebrating others is not being distracted by other things and being completely present in the moment with that person. Even if you’ve got a million other things going on, we’re all really busy. But in that moment, that person is the only person I think that another really big one.

And you are the master of this, Michelle, is you are an impresario. You love to connect people with other people that are going to help them expand into their full potential. And I think that is a huge way of celebrating someone is endorsing them. You endorse somebody. When you recommend somebody to somebody else and say, this person is incredible, you really need to know this person. They need to know you.

I think that’s a huge way of celebrating somebody else is to connect them with someone else. Amazing. That’s going to top up their soul or help them professionally, either or all of the above. Right. So that’s another big one.

And I think giving somebody your energy. Right. It’s just what can I do to help actually dive in, contribute? How can you be a part of somebody else’s event, cause, crusade, birthday party, wedding, whatever it might be. Right. It’s just showing up, making the effort to show up. And you talked about this in your introduction. And you do this really well as well.

Just showing up. But I mean, I think you and I going back and forth going, you do this really well, although you do this really well. Right. It’s just part of our relationship. Right. Is that we gravitate to people that are similar to ourselves. Right.

So I think a huge part of celebration is picking your people wisely, being discerning about the kind of energy that you surround yourself with, that cliche saying out there all the time and all the memes, you become like the five people you spend the most time with. Well, it’s actually really true because energy is infectious.

I think one of the greatest compliments that I can get from somebody. Your enthusiasm is infectious. Your positivity is infectious. You know, whenever anyone enters my 14 day claims or my 60 day reset. And so many people in your community, Michelle, have joined our programs because you’ve been so amazing at sharing them with your community. That’s what they will say. This is the most supportive, beautiful community I’ve ever been a part of. Right. Because the fish rots from the head.

So, because I am facilitating and leading that community, everybody who works with me has this celebrate. And Elevate is one of the core tenants of our company. But if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Walk away until you can come back without limiting beliefs and show up for others. Right. And so far, we have not had a problem with one single person in the community because when you meet somebody, you’re ostensibly training them. This is how I am with people in the world. This is how I like to interact with people in the world. And if I’m having a bad day and I can’t show up that way, which gosh, I’m trying to think if that ever happens.

But if it did, I stay home and I figure it out and I’ve got to commune with myself that day. I’ve got to have conversation with myself that day kind of reset because we do have bad days. I shouldn’t say I can’t think of a bad day. Of course I can. It doesn’t happen very often because I tend to adjust. Like I’ll wake up and gosh, Why am I feeding that today? And then I’ll have to have a conversation with myself or my mom or my dad or my friend or a colleague.

Michelle, you and I have done that through each other many times. But yeah, I mean, I think again, it all just comes back to being mindful and conscious. Right. And acting from a place of gratitude and abundance as opposed to depletion. When you’re feeling depleted, you just don’t feel like you can show up. So, you’ve got to adjust before you then share that with others because it does all have a flow-on effect.

So I just want to show up with my better self each day. And I’m not even going to say best, because we’ve got to say in our community, good, better or best not perfect.

I think that we’re so hard on ourselves that’s another big piece of this is the perfection just doesn’t exist.

The perfection is in the imperfection, the perfection is in the journey, the perfection is in the striving. So it’s all about I think we’re all just aiming to make the next better choice all the time, just aiming to make the next better choice.

And I think part of celebration, too, is not beating yourself up when you take a step backwards or you fail these words with these terms that we use. For me, failure is simply not trying, not showing up. And so I think every next choice is a chance to reset is to make a better choice is to expand. So I think not beating yourself up and realizing life is a charter, we take one step forward, two steps back.

Sometimes you take three steps forward, around and around, upside down. We get lost, we drown, and then we pick up and we keep going.

And I think that for me, the older I get, the more I realize that happiness and well-being is about how we receive information from ourselves and from others and the rest of the world, how we receive it.

So, it’s not about the cards you’re dealt. You play them. So, for me, receiving something from somebody else, the four agreements is always by my bed. I love that book so much. And I know that you love it too, Michelle, and you put it on those cards that I’ve got of yours that are so beautiful.

And the first agreement is don’t take it personally. It’s very rarely about you if somebody else has this, you know, another thing that’s really helped me is personality testing. And there are so many different personality tests, and they can be really complicated.

But the one that I like is True Colors because it’s based on Myers Briggs, but it’s so much more simplified. And you can take it in about ten minutes. That totally changed my life, reading that and doing that little test. And my friend Richard put me onto that because he does it with huge companies around the world, NASA and Oracle and Disney and all these companies. Right.

About how to form great teams, people that work together and celebrate each other so that they can celebrate the company, the project, et cetera. And I’m huge Orange, blue, huge Orange, blue. And I’m as low as you can get in gold, right? And so, I need these people to balance me.

So, I remember being on my book tour, one of my book tours, and I was at this big Williamson home, and there were hundreds of people there, and there were all these people that had cooked from my books or something, and they were all putting their hands up and saying all these lovely things and blah, blah, blah, blah.

And then when it came time to sign the books, there was this line, and the people that I was excited about, Beatty that have put their hands up or whatever, they left. And then it was all the people that did say a thing that were lining up to get their books signed. And I was thinking, I was really confused by it. You know what I mean? I’m like, oh, I was really looking forward to talking to that person.

So now Richard and I got in the car and he goes, oh, that went so well. How awesome was that? And then, of course, I did what I’m talking about today, not doing. I went straight. There were all these amazing people. The event was a smashing success. But I went to this thing that was really niggling me. And I said, I don’t understand those people to put that up. And they just left. And he goes, what do you mean? And he goes, they were green-gold people. And he goes, they wanted the information. They had to talk with you. They got it. They’re thrilled to be at home thinking that was the best thing ever. And I looked in and I said, and he goes, and the other people, they might have been a bit shy, and they just wanted to come up and have that one to one private conversation while you were so. And I said, then I took a deep breath. I said, Richard, you’re right. It was an awesome time, wasn’t it? And we just burst out laughing.

It’s not a silly example. It’s a great example of see, we all do it. We all do it. Right. That was me getting embarrassed about me feeling this way about something. But yeah, it’s an example of self-correcting. Well, not I corrected with help, didn’t I?

But I received that information, took it on and went, yes, you’re right. So, yeah, I think that ability to reframe things. Tony, this incredible counselor that I saw years and years ago, he’s so incredible. He really helped me put that tool in my toolbox of just being able to reframe situations. And the story that we choose to tell ourselves about something that has happened,it continues to happen.

Yeah. Being mindful about the stories that we’re telling ourselves and then by extension, the stories that we then go on to share with others at the story. The story is a big one. Right. Make it a good one. Make it a really good one. And I think you’re really good about that.

Dr. Robin

Life is a short story. We think we got all this time here. We don’t. I’m on my last third. I’m lucky I have another third left.


What’s really interesting, though, about time, I think because of our age. Right. We’re going into the legacy chapter. Right. Thinking about our legacy, wanting to leave the world better than how we found it all, that kind of thing. Right. Looking back and thinking about how it informs the present and is going to inform the future, that kind of thing. So it’s interesting for me.

I’ve been thinking about time a lot lately, so I’m so happy that you brought it up. When we’re acting from a place of gratitude and abundance and having an amazing time and being present in the moment and feeling hopeful, time feels like it’s our friends. It feels like it’s my friend. When I’m acting from that place.

When I’m acting from a place of depletion and regret, time is my greatest enemy. And there’s not enough time. There’s not enough. There’s not enough. It just feeds. That not enough story.

But when you’re in the moment and you’re celebrating yourself and others, I just feel like there’s just more air out there. You can hold things with a lighter touch. And time is a wonderful, beautiful thing because you’re using it mindfully, you know, because that is something where there’s only a finite amount. Right. And we actually don’t actually know how much there is.

We don’t have a Crystal ball. We don’t know when our time is up in this lifetime and that kind of thing. So, yeah, it’s an interesting one time, but I do feel like to me, the word that’s coming up and I don’t even know it’s the right word, but it’s malleable.

I feel like there is a way to embrace this concept of time and fill it and imbue it. And when it’s very rich, it feels like there’s a lot of it. But I don’t know. I’m still mulling that over. I mull it over all the time when you’ve got elderly parents. And I know you know this as well. I moved relocated to Australia after being in America for 27 years or something. I’ll come back, I’m sure, because I’m an American citizen, but I’ll never get this time back with my parents in this lifetime.

Dr. Robin

Playing Polish poker, probably.


Oh, Michelle, let’s talk about how fabulous that was. Michelle and I were on this trip in Mexico, and we played a lot of Polish poker, sitting with Margaritas, eating guacamole, looking at sunset, looking at the sun, laughing, talking, joking, sitting, being. Oh, it was so incredible.

You taught me that, too. This is another thing you do really well is by the time one vacation ends, you’ve always booked the next one so that you work hard and you play hard. You work hard and you play hard. And you’ve always got that next respite, that next break, that next communion with friends ready to go and teed up to look forward to.

And it’s just such a beautiful way to do it. But yeah, Polish poker. I love that card game. We still got the original little crib sheet that Crystal gave us the screenshot of in her dad’s handwriting.

 Oh, you have no idea how many people I have shared that with. And there’s so many different names for Polish poker. So, over the years, ever since you introduced me to that game, someone will say, do you play such and such? No, but I love cards. Tell me how to play. And it’s Polish poker. But there’s all these different names for it. Fun game. I love that game. Yes, we play Polish poker in my family. Absolutely. Yes. I love it.

Dr. Robin

Well, you’re listening to Tess Masters. You can check out at the Blendergirl.com. And I want to send you some takeaways that I have written down during this conversation. And I’ve heard these before. Maybe not. Maybe I’m hearing on different ears today.

 And those of you listening today, thanks for joining me on small changes, big shifts, and especially this special month where we are celebrating 30 years. And in these 30 days, I’m going to drip out 30 lessons. I’m calling B’s. 30 B’s, like be connected, be celebratory, be a go-giver, which Tess is just wonderful at.

And you’ve heard ways that she’s a go-giver to herself as well as the community.

But some things that she shared today, she said it twice. I want to make sure that I say it out loud for you again to be a mindful global citizen.

It almost makes me tears to say that out loud to you, especially in the times we’re living right now. It’s hard to be a mindful anything if you’re not tempted to take care of yourself.

I love the question, what is something awesome today? When I work with people seeing in my office, I’ll say, tell me something good today, because I want to shift the energy and mindset. And sometimes you forget why you do that, because you just have done it so naturally for the years.

Expand and endorse. I invite you to think about who could you endorse that can help expand their network? Expand and endorse. I’ve not heard those two words together, but it makes perfect sense.

And then let your energy be infectious. And that’s what people say to me, Tess, How’s it going with the skinny 60 or the 14 day was it detox, 14-day cleanse. And they go, man, her energy is infectious. I’ve had people say that to me. It’s probably the first thing they say to me about you.

But I invite all of you to be mindful of your energy. And I love that thing where Olga talked about our last show, about being mindful of energy you bring into any situation.

And then I loved Celebrate and Elevate. Tess, you’ve elevated me. You celebrated me to all those listening today. I hope that you have people in your life, like Tess Masters that will fly across the country to celebrate with you or when you have a bad accident, things like that.

So, thanks for joining me on small changes, big shifts.


Oh, it’s always such a pleasure. And you do all of the things that you just listed in such a spectacular fashion. And that’s why people fly across the world to be with you in your special moments, right? I mean, from everything from I love this podcast. I love small changes, big shifts.

I even love that saying, you know, I mean, you top me up constantly and do all the things that we’ve just been talking about. So, thank you for celebrating me today. But I want to celebrate you as well, all the time. And we do that for each other, which is why we’re such wonderful friends.

But yeah, I mean, I love what you’re doing to make the Kansas City community a better place in the country and the world. And it’s just so needed right now, as you say, it is just heartbreaking what’s going on.

And so, there’s so many wonderful ways that people are giving to Ukraine right now and booking an Airbnb and then canceling it and saying, I don’t need a refund, please keep it from giving to a charity, giving to different organizations. There’s so many beautiful ways that people are giving right now. That’s just such a lovely way to celebrate other people.

And yeah, be part of a course, be part of a movement, pass it on, pay it forward, all those wonderful things. Thank you for having me. And I can’t wait to hear the other episodes. And yeah, it’s going to be fun. So thank you so much for the way you show up.

Dr. Robin

Well, you mentioned paying for it. And on these 30 years, 30 days, 30,000 for Big Shift Foundation, it’s truly me paying it forward to the people that have given so much to me, I would not be here without the teachers and mentors that you’ll hear about over the next 30 days.

As you’re hopefully tuning into my Facebook lives and my LinkedIn live where I’ll be talking about the 30 B’S that have definitely, it’s actually hard for me to have 30 just so you know, there’s so many


You mean it’s hard for you to condense it down to 30.

Dr. Robin

It is hard to condense down to 30. It’s so hard. But I invite all of you to take this journey.


But isn’t that just the best challenge? It’s not a problem. It’s just a challenge. Right? And challenges are opportunities, right? I mean it is, it would be absolutely because there are so many great ones.

Dr. Robin

Yeah, so many great ones.

Thank you all for listening to small changes, big shifts. Hey, stay tuned. As we celebrate this month, you’re going to love Amber Ogle, who is my next guest. She’s doing some really great things with her kids. So, blessings, all of you, chat real soon.



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