Changing The Way We Look At And Eat Food

Guest: Dr. Mark Hyman | Season 11, Ep. 470

With so many different diets, regimens, fads and trends out there in the world of health and wellness, how do we know what works for us? Dr. Mark Hyman is helping people take a step backwards to look at themselves from a whole person perspective in order to move forward with their health.

The connection between how you feel and how you eat is so telling to the human body but so often overlooked. Instead of focusing on restrictive diets and what your body can’t break down, Dr. Mark focuses on why your body is reacting that way to certain foods.

Dr. Mark is changing the way we look at and eat food when it comes to our health and wellbeing. He is using functional medicine to approach food and illnesses with a new perspective that is transforming the way we treat any and all conditions in the human body.


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