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52 Well-Being Snackables

Being healthy takes more than being diligent in one area of wellness (e.g. just exercising or just eating whole foods). It requires attentiveness to your whole person – spirit, mind, and body. Each snackable is marked with one of the Quadrants of Well-Being, all designed to create a framework for you to feel whole in all areas of your life. Over 52 weeks, you will see how small changes ultimately lead to the biggest shifts in your life.

21-Days to Build Your Community
This 21-day digital program will walk you through our Wheel of Support model. Each day, you will focus on a different part of the wheel: yourself, family, friends, colleagues, pets, wellness, and your spirit. The program is designed to explain why these areas are crucial in your life, what science says about the need for connection, and a “toolbox” at the bottom of the lesson that provides tips and guidance for new and current relationships. At the end of the program, each person will have a better idea how to build their community, a healthy way to find those connections, and ways to keep those relationships resilient in life.
21-Days to Rejuvenating Sleep
In the last 12 months, have you struggled to fall asleep at night? Do you stay up too late? Sick or fatigued more than normal? Feeling hopeless, anxious, depressed, or unable to concentrate? The growing sleep deprivation we are experiencing – due to stress, anxiety, depression, lack of rhythm, and isolation – is a great concern for our families, businesses, and economy. Without enough (and quality) sleep, our physical and mental health go through a series of changes that will end up impacting your entire life. (We dive deep into this during the program.)
21-Days to Free Your Space
We have all been taught to buy, consume and collect stuff. Our lives are FULL of stuff. Our closets are overflowing with clothes we don’t wear. Our junk drawers are spilling over with knick knacks we don’t understand or use. But this extra stuff and junk isn’t just limited to our home. We are busy people living in a busy world. Sometimes that means we choose junk food over clean food. We even fill our hearts, minds and soul with critical and judgmental thoughts. If this sounds like you, it’s time to clean house. Let me help you let go of some of that clutter filling up your home, body and spirit. Let’s make room in your life for what you really want.
21-Days to Align Your Posture
You will discover and explore the importance of your nervous system and its connection to posture. Each day, we’ll give you a homework assignment to begin making changes to your posture and your life. We fully believe that small changes make big shifts. For 21 days, we’ll share a lot of information about spinal hygiene and posture. Put simply, spinal hygiene and posture are important because of the role they play in maintaining a healthy, responsive nervous system. You can shift your posture, your health, and your wellbeing. You have the power to positively change your life forever!
21-Days to a Calm and Peaceful Life
Over the next 21 days, we’re going to introduce a variety of topics that have an impact on our mental health. With each of these topics, we’ll give you some background and then invite you to complete an assignment to implement (or at least start implementing) that topic in your daily life.

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