Opening Up the Heart to Heal and Flourish Again After Loss
Guest: Brett Blair | Season 10, Ep. 411

“A new level of presence came to me, and I don’t want to lose what I learned from her.” – Brett Blair

Our lives take us through turbulent seasons. Most of us wait for a page to turn – a new chapter to begin – and sometimes, it feels like we’ve finally reached happiness and the life we were born to live. But what happens when that newfound happiness is shattered with a shocking diagnosis – especially if it’s the love of your life? In today’s episode, Dr. Michelle Robin invites Brett Blair to share his story about love, loss, and what it means to flourish in the hardest season of all. Shortly after meeting his soulmate Kim, Brett shares how their time together was cut short when his healthy, vibrant wife was unexpectedly diagnosed with ALS and passed away just 12 months after the news was delivered. Brett will share the most impactful lessons he learned from Kim as she battled the disease, such as how to love other people in a way that he didn’t know was possible. Through his journey, he’s compiling his next book about these lessons and explains how he’s learned to tune into his heart to heal and flourish again – taking with him this time everything Kim taught him.

About Today’s Guest:

Brett Blair is the founder and president of Best Life Global, LLC. Headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, Best Life Global is an executive coaching and consulting company, providing personalized business growth, executive and life coaching, training, and organizational consulting services. He’s published two books, From Autopilot to Authentic and Living at the Summit, and is currently working on his next book called Born-Love-Die. He is a keynote speaker on a variety of subjects relative to peak performance, and the founder of the Best Life Movement, a nonprofit organization that aims to help people live their unique best lives. Brett lives in Durham, North Carolina, and is active with his church and nonprofit organizations. He also enjoys long-distance running, snow skiing, and travel.


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