The words we say to ourselves matter

At Small Changes Big Shifts, we support people in finding the right resources to support well-being in all the Quadrants 0 mechanical, chemical, energetical, and psychospiritual.

The company “notes to self” offers a daily dose of positivity – right on your toes.  We love their messages and the products, which is why we stock them at our integrative wellness center, Your Wellness Connection, and share about them with others.


Self talk falls into the PsychoSpiritual Quadrant of Well-Being.

Laura Schmidt, founder and CEO of notes to self, understands the power of positivity and positive affirmations when it comes to ourselves and others.

She knows that energy is contagious. We start by being present and kind to ourselves and in actively practicing positivity, your energy expands to those around you.

There are many very simple ways to spread positivity – gratitude before bed, smiling and making eye contact, acknowledging other people’s positive impact, sending cards, sharing the perfect gift for that someone.

One of the ways we love to bring the positive home is with the messages on the socks.  We see them ourselves on the toes.  Others see the uplifting words on the bottom of the sock when we face them.

Find what you’re looking for and save 10% off by being a part of our community.

No matter the person or the occasion, there is likely an uplifting pair of socks for them. Sizes range from infant and toddler all the way to extra large in a wide variety of colors and messages.

Are you looking for wellness resources for yourself or corporate wellness resources for your team?

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