Renewing & Reimagining Your Well-Being

With host: Dr. Michelle Robin| Season 10, Ep. 454

“I hear well-being differently every year based on how I’ve grown – and I know you will, too.” – Dr. Michelle Robin

As you approach the New Year, it’s a wonderful time to develop fresh perspective about your goals, dreams, purpose, and overall life. People do this by taking time to reconnect with their heart, utilizing the power of “yes” toward themselves, flexing their empathy muscles, and even zooming out from situations to see from a wider lens. In this solo show, join Dr. Michelle Robin as she talks about the importance of renewing your energy so you can focus on your calling and well-being. She’ll explain why it can be easy to give up on our needs (i.e. self-care) when other needs seem so much greater around you – and she’ll also share why it helps to recall lessons you’ve learned along the way to get you to the next step in life. As she celebrates 10 years of this podcast, she’ll explain why there will be some upcoming changes to the show beginning in 2024. You’ll also get to hear a sneak peek of episodes to come, in addition to some new products she’ll be releasing next year that will continue to pour hope into our community.

About Today’s Guest:

Dr. Michelle Robin is the founder of Small Changes Big Shifts, the Kansas City Wellness Consortium, and Your Wellness Connection. More importantly, she’s a visionary for the well-being of many generations. After opening her chiropractic practice in Kansas City over 30 years ago, she’s become a national influence and memorable leader in the wellness industry. Her simple framework – called the Quadrants of Well-Being – is the key to what many people have been looking for when it comes to discovering their best life. She has spent the majority of her career helping people make small changes that ultimately create the biggest shifts in their well-being. As a chiropractor, author, teacher, holistic healer, podcast host, unshakable optimist, international speaker, and passionate advocate for generational change, Dr. Robin has left an impression on thousands of lives by helping them find their unique path to wellness and enrich their purpose in life.


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