Root Causes of Anxiety & Where Sugar Comes In

Guest: Brooke Seiz | Season 10, Ep. 418

“Counseling helped me befriend my nervous system.” – Brooke Seiz

Did you know we only need one teaspoon of sugar in our body at a time? During today’s episode, Dr. Robin invites Brooke Seiz to unpack why sugar can oftentimes be a culprit for anxiety. Brooke shares what inspired her to become a counselor and functional medicine practitioner for others, including her own bout with anxiety, an eating disorder, and other mental health challenges. She goes on to describe why there can often be many root causes of anxiety, but when our blood sugar levels are too high or low, our cortisol levels (stress response) get activated and we easily enter that fight or flight mode. Brooke also covers how sugar is often disguised on labels, and how fast our bodies can experience inflammation (even pain) after we consume too much sugar. By the end of the episode, she’ll provide some ways you can test if sugar may be causing problems. She’ll also provide what foods can help aid in regulating sugar levels. Grab a pen and paper – this episode is packed with helpful tips!

About Today’s Guest:

Brooke Seiz with Evolve Wellness & Counseling helps individuals as well as couples find a better quality of life, fulfillment in their relationships, and comfort in their body through counseling and functional nutrition. She is a licensed counselor and helps individuals as well as couples in therapy to befriend their nervous systems using Somatic Experiencing and in turn improve trauma, PTSD, anxiety, as well as binge and emotional eating. She also provides sex therapy to individuals and couples, in addition to couples’ therapy. For those interested in functional nutrition, she takes a deep dive into gut, hormonal. health and more to address the root cause for their symptoms with nutrition and lifestyle interventions. Brooke is a mom of three awesome young people, and also enjoys going out to sing at local music venues with her spouse. She’s grateful to be involved with the Small Changes Big Shifts team and mission!


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