The Pressure Our Emotions Put on the Heart
Guests: Nicole Wilt & Heath Wilt | Season 10, Ep. 412

“Happy and healthy people do great things.” – Nicole Wilt

Did you know 80% of cardiovascular events may be preventable? In today’s episode, Dr. Michelle Robin welcomes Heath Wilt and Nicole Wilt to share what they are doing to help families better understand the different ways they can prevent heart trouble. Through their family-owned business called ABC’s of Health, this husband-and-wife duo shares why their kids inspired this movement for them, and why they are advocating for other families to discover their rhythm around wellness. Dr. Heath, who is a cardiologist at AdventHealth in Kansas City, also shares some ways that practitioners are viewing the heart differently now – specifically the emotional component becoming a more prominent connection to heart health. As a certified yoga instructor, Nicole also explains how they encourage their kids to embrace big feelings and the other emotional weight that comes with life – teaching them that there are many elements that impact their heart such as what’s on their plate, getting them in the kitchen, and teaching them what certain nutrients do for their mind and body. At the end of the show, Dr. Heath and Nicole share what advice they would give parents and to anyone looking for that first step to get in better tune with your heart and emotional well-being.

About Today’s Guests:

Heath Wilt and Nicole Wilt are the co-founders of ABC’s of Health. Between Heath’s knowledge of wellness as a cardiologist and Nicole’s expertise as a certified yoga instructor, they are on a mission to share information about cardiovascular health, heart-healthy recipe ideas, and inspiration for living a more active life for the spirit, mind, and body. They encourage people to follow along as they share their adventures along with their three boys, who helped inspire and name their movement.


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