When Processing Grief Becomes a Kind Gift to Yourself

Guest: Luke Russert | Season 10, Ep. 442

“Don’t be afraid to listen to what’s going on in your mind – your body can speak to you.” – Luke Russert

As we get ready to dive into our annual 31 Days of Kindness series this year, Dr. Michelle Robin invites author of Look for Me There, Luke Russert, to talk about why processing the grief of his father’s sudden passing was one of the kindest acts he ever did for himself. Rather than follow society’s way of moving on as quickly as possible, Luke shares what inspired him to push pause on his life and run a self-diagnostic test to explore what he was feeling after losing his father. He’ll also share some tips about what someone can do to begin tuning in to what you are feeling inside and explain why there’s power in being kind to yourself and seeking what your soul needs. At the end of the show, he’ll also share a kind gesture that a stranger did for him during his travels and why it remains in his heart to this day.

About Today’s Guest:

Luke Russert is an Emmy Award-winning journalist who was an NBC News correspondent from 2008 to 2016, primarily covering American politics. Since leaving broadcast journalism, he is the author of Look for Me There, a travel memoir about his three-and-a-half-year journey around the world that took him to more than sixty-five countries. Based in Washington, DC, he is the son of journalists Maureen Orth (Vanity Fair) and the late Tim Russert (NBC’s Meet the Press). 


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