Why Hope and Kindness Are Designed to Work Together

Guest: Dr. Dave Braun | Season 10, Ep. 445

“You can’t truly treat people with kindness if you aren’t first kind to yourself.” – Dr. Dave Braun

Did you know one of the most common reasons that people give on improving their health is because it gets too hard or the results take too long? Oftentimes it’s because we don’t approach our well-being with a wider lens, meaning we try to eat our way to good health or exercise our way to feeling better about ourselves. However, our well-being encompasses more than one area to reach the state of physical and mental wellness that we’re truly seeking. Join Dr. Michelle Robin as she invites Dr. Dave Braun to share his incredibly inspiring story of living his best life – his dream job, dream house, dream family, dream cars, dream financials – only to hit rock bottom and walk through a very dark season shortly after reaching that success. He will explain what made him start becoming more self-aware of the way he was living, specifically in seven areas, which eventually led him to launch an entire brand around it called Oola Life with goodfriend, Dr. Troy Amdahl. Dave will explain the revelations he began to have around kindness and hope and why they were designed to work together on his journey, and why Oola Life’s brand is built around both. By the end of the episode, he will also share two powerful stories of people whose lives were turned around from their encounter with the Oola message.

About Today’s Guest

Dr. Dave Braun has a deep-rooted commitment to empowering individuals to find balance and transform their lives. He’s spent over a decade guiding people towards holistic well-being. As President, he plays a pivotal role in shaping Oola’s strategic direction, leading the team in creating science-based products and transformative programs that promote life balance.


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