A Deep Look at the Word Trust

Guest: Cory Scheer | Season 10, Ep. 452

“Trust is the firm belief in the truth of something.” – Cory Scheer

Due to the declining trust across the globe, experts say its absence is making it harder to solve key problems than it used to. Join Dr. Michelle Robin as she invites Cory Scheer – author of Closing the Trust Gap – to share what inspired him to begin researching this word 12 years ago and why it’s now inspired him to re-educate people what it means and how to gain it or regain it in a new way. He provides insight and wisdom on just how powerful this word is in our language, and why his father was an influential part of his life when it came to modeling trusting relationships.

About Today’s Guest:

Cory Scheer is the Founder and CEO of TrustCentric™ Consulting, an organizational and leadership development firm. TrustCentric™ helps leaders, teams, and organizations become more trustworthy, focused, and productive by using empirical evidence to define reality, implementing a proven trust building framework, and walking alongside clients to develop clear, obtainable, and long-lasting data informed strategies for success. In addition to over 25 years in leadership roles in multiple sectors, Cory has obtained an Executive MBA (Rockhurst University) and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis (University of Missouri). Cory has worked with small businesses, school districts, corporations, nonprofit organizations, higher education institutions, ministries, the military, and municipalities to provide vital support and clear direction on how to ensure people, practices, and policies become more trustworthy so that key performance indicators improve. Cory is the co-author of The National Survey on Brand and Trust with BrandCertain as well as the developer of the online course, The Complete Guide to Building Organizational Trust (www.StructureOfTrust.com). Cory is also the author of Closing the Trust Gap: Taking Action on What Matters Most for Leaders, Teams, and Organizations.

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