A Different Perspective on Father’s Day | Drowning Prevention

Guests: Brandon McAnderson and Sabrah Parsons | Season 9, Ep. 376

“I want my kids to grow up knowing who I am in real life, not just in their head. I cry in front of them, I’m peculiar, I’m a little weird. I want to show them all facets of myself so they can embrace it for themselves.”
– Brandon McAnderson

Brandon McAnderson is a former All-Big 12 Running Back at the University of Kansas, and today is a sideline reporter and pre-game host for KU football games. He is also an active member in the Kansas City community who brings men together to grow spiritually and address commonly held (and harmful) male stigmas present in today’s world.

In today’s show, Brandon shares why Father’s Day is a good time for men to check in on their mental health. That means pausing and reflecting on all you have done as a father this year, and more importantly celebrating the big and small moments that you bring to your kids’ lives – spiritually, mentally, and even a vulnerable side to let them see the real you, and not an idea of who you are. Brandon shares stories about his father, and the gratitude that has grown in his heart over the years for his dad, so much that his fatherhood has impacted the way he sees and loves his own two boys today. Brandon also opens up about his own bout of depression, and his inspirational journey toward healing and how it led to helping more men in our community.

Later, Dr. Robin chats with Sabrah Parsons, who is an Aquatics Director at the YMCA of Greater Kansas City. When she finished swimming lessons at age 15, little did she know that when her mother signed her up to be a lifeguard, that would be where she found her passion for swim safety. Sabrah shares that drowning is the number two leading accidental death for ages 0-8 – and it’s completely preventable with drowning prevention classes. Sabrah describes what parents can look for in flotation devices for kids, and how to know if a swim class will teach their kids the proper techniques to self-rescue if there comes a time.

Three Takeaways:

  1. How depression can show up in subtle ways and hide behind failure in our lives.
  2. Relying on other people to make us happy isn’t realistic – we need to search for the right mental health tools that work for us and have them ready in our pocket before a crisis happens.
  3. Why swim lessons can prevent drownings up to 80% – plus three important moves the YMCA aquatic program teaches kids to promote self-rescue. 

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