Back, Neck, and Hip Pain Happening Today

Guest: Brian Stewart | Season 9, Ep. 380

“The mechanics in the body are essentially about function.” – Brian Stewart

Brian Stewart wasn’t expecting to find his life passion through some injuries he endured during high school, but that’s exactly how he discovered that he wanted to help people by becoming a physical therapist. His physical therapists (PTs) during his high school years made a significant impact on his life by not only helping him heal, but also teaching him the mechanics of the body by breaking it down into simple concepts so that he could step into his best life. That influence shaped his life, and today he’s on a mission to improve people’s lives by helping them understand simple things like how a joint moves and how the body works as a whole together so each person who walks through Kansas City Ortho Alliance can be given the opportunity to step into their best life like he was given. In this episode, Brian shares three pain problems he frequently sees people struggling with today – back pain, neck pain, and hip pain. He also provides helpful tips in each of these areas that can guide people either in prevention or pain management – in addition to some bonus tips that all matter to the body.

About Today’s Guests:

Brian Stewart is the Chief Development Officer at Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance, which is the largest, independently owned orthopedic specialty practice in the Kansas City metro area. With over 50 medical providers in four locations, they have the ability to treat people where they live, work, and play. Their board-certified providers are equipped to handle almost any musculoskeletal injury – from shoulders to knees, ankles, hands, and neck to back. Brian was born and raised in Kansas City (Harrisonville, MO), and attended his undergrad years at the University of Kansas. He went on to study Physical Therapy at the University of Kansas, and later earned his doctorate in the same field. During his professional career, he’s been part of Big Brothers/Big Sisters, United Way, United We, Cornerstones of Care, and KC Care Clinic. The Kansas City Orthopedic Alliance is proud to support its local organizations such KCUR, Te Deum, Harvesters, Children’s Mercy, Phoenix Family, and several others.

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