Discovering What Brings You Joy

Guest: Gina Creek | Season 10, Ep. 450

“When I took someone who felt lost, and I would suddenly see the clouds lift and that lightbulb come on for them – that’s where I discovered my joy.” – Gina Creek

Did you know there’s a difference between feeling happy and experiencing joy? Experts often describe happiness as a positive state of overall well-being and impacts your outlook on the meaning of life. However, joy is felt in moments such as listening to a friend make a toast or receiving a hug from a dear friend. When we experience joy, it’s less about that overall sense of how life is going, and more about discovering what moments touch your heart. Join Dr. Michelle Robin as she invites Gina Creek to share how she began to lean into those joyful moments early in life, which eventually impacted her career path in a profound way and now helps her experience that same joy throughout the workday. She’ll share about her journey into healthcare and why it was the people who mentored and surrounded her that became a key ingredient to learning what lit up her heart.

About Today’s Guest:

Gina Creek is the Vice President and Chief People Officer for the Mid-America Region. She leads human resources at AdventHealth’s hospitals and clinics in Kansas and Wisconsin, including AdventHealth Shawnee Mission, AdventHealth South Overland Park, AdventHealth Ottawa, and AdventHealth Durand. In this role, she leads human resources initiatives, including attracting, motivating, and retaining top talent; performance management; leadership development and change management for the health care system’s information technology team. She then led the system-wide Emerging Leader Program, developing high potential leaders for executive roles. Starting in 2018, she led AdventHealth’s Leadership Institute, developing multi-level leadership programs and interventions to meet the needs of an 80,000-member workforce. Creek earned her doctorate in leadership and learning from Vanderbilt University, her master’s in organizational development from Avila University and her bachelor’s education from Union College. She is also a publication author in leadership culture.


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