Finding Purpose in Unexpected Places
Guest: Isaac Lee Collins | Season 10, Ep. 406

“We can find purpose in everything that we do.” – Isaac Lee Collins

From the outside, it may look like Isaac Lee Collins encountered a smooth journey toward success. At 23, fresh out of college, he opened his own chocolate-making store that quickly earned him a half-a-million dollars. However, what people don’t always see is the “life story” that got him to where he is today – which is the owner of seven other businesses (plus one non-profit), ranging from handmade chocolates, construction, real-estate investing, health supplements, yoga teaching, frozen yogurt, and now business coaching. In today’s episode, Dr. Michelle Robin invites Isaac to share his story – the ups, downs, and even some of the trauma he endured in life that he managed to turn into good for the sake of humanity. He will uncover some secrets that will help others discover their purpose, and also help listeners see the extraordinary things that can come out of ordinary places.

About Today’s Guest:

In 2011, Isaac’s college football season had just ended and he was about to graduate. He just landed the perfect job with one of the city’s largest employers making great money and full benefits. However, he was miserable at the thought of working in corporate America. He knew that if he took this prestigious job, he would get comfortable and never pursue his dream of running his own business one day. Today, him and his wife, Rachel, still own five out of eight businesses. Due to the pandemic, his passion project became the Streamlined Profit Academy, which is his business training and coaching company. His mission is to help entrepreneurs get past the “I’m stuck” phase and to build their streamlined, profitable business so they can maximize their income, impact, time, and freedom.


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