How Donkeys are Helping People Get Well

Guest: Kate Barker | Season 10, Ep. 433

“While in France, we stumbled across this herd of donkeys, fell in love with them, and immediately were drawn to their Zen-like presence.” – Kate Barker

When Kate Barker was injured, it derailed her from her ability to compete in the 2011 London Olympics. But little did she know that her life was about to take some major turns over the next five years – ultimately, playing a major role in helping the Kansas City community get well through her donkey farm and a juicing company. In today’s episode, Dr. Michelle Robin invites Kate to tell her story from professional athlete and corporate America employee, to unplugging from it all to launch Zen Donkey Farms. She shares the incredible healing journey she went on after exiting the Olympic scene, and how that time in her life eventually brought her back to her own farming roots. It was during a trip to France and a memorable encounter with some donkeys there that caused a lightbulb to come on about what was next for them. She’ll explain how their farm began to unfold her and husband Andy’s story in 2017, and how it eventually led to their successful juicing company called Zen Donkey Farms. Kate will also help define how cold-pressed juice is different from conventional juices, when the best time is to consume their juices, and what mistakes people often make when they begin incorporating a juice regime into their lives. At the end of the episode, she’ll also share more about their farm’s amazing nonprofit organization called the Zen Donkey Experience, which is helping people and kids experience a mind-body-soul connection by interacting with their donkeys.

About Today’s Guest:

Kate Barker Sternberg is Founder and President of mission-driven health and wellness lifestyle brand Zen Donkey Farms, and sister nonprofit organization Zen Donkey Experience. Kate received her Bachelor of Arts in International Political Economy from The Colorado College with emphasis in Romance Languages from La Universidad de Salamanca, followed by an intensive Entrepreneurship cohort from the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah. Kate spent 12 years in the technology strategy and management consulting space prior to taking the leap to full-time self-employment. Residing in rural Greenwood, Missouri, with husband Andy and rescued fur-children, Kate is a lifelong equestrian athlete, plant-based farmer, aspiring pianist, outdoor enthusiast, live theater junkie, lover of travel, and passionate advocate for the healing power of the animal/human connection.


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