How Kindness Creates a Pathway for Self-Improvement

Guest: Dr. Diedrick Graham | Season 10, Ep. 444

“Diversity is a fact, equity is a choice, inclusion is the action, and belonging is the outcome.” – Dr. Diedrick Graham

As we continue to celebrate our annual 31 Days of Kindness series, Dr. Michelle Robin invites Dr. Diedrick Graham to share why kindness has influenced what he does today in the world for others. During this powerful conversation, he’ll reveal who helped him understand the most foundational aspects of kindness, and why their guidance taught him that no matter what’s happening in the world, it should always be our goal to connect with a person and hold space for them. Dr. Diedrick will also share why we as humans are wired for connection, and how kindness created a pathway for him to seek self-improvement. This ultimately helped him finally understand what it meant to truly belong and find his purpose. By the end of the episode, listeners will be encouraged to trace the threads in their own lives to see who has impacted it and helped them become the person they are today

About Today’s Guest: 

Dr. Diedrick Graham is the DEI and Organizational Development consultant for Margolis Healy and Associates. Dr. Graham brings over 20 years of experience as a Master Trainer, Facilitator and Mediator, making him highly qualified in the resolution of complaints, appeals, and internal grievance processes for employee/employer issues. As the former Ombudsperson at Princeton University, San Diego State University, and the University of Kansas, Vice President, Global Integrity Leader at the Nielsen in NYC, and Former Director of Human Resources at The University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, Dr. Graham has a wealth of experience in resolving issues between diverse parties through distinct types of intervention and communication processes. He’s also designed and taught numerous courses and workshops on communication, conflict engagement skills, JEDI, and accountability at multiple universities, corporate, and nonprofit organizations. 


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