How to Get Moving Indoors and What Inspires Us to Change
Guests: Danelle Husk and Ant the Trainer | Season 9, Ep. 404

The colder months can make it difficult to stay active, which is why today’s episode is all about how to keep our bodies moving, even indoors. During today’s show, Dr. Michelle Robin welcomes Danelle Husk from the YMCA to share how organizations like theirs are offering new ways for people to stay active during the wintertime. Danelle shares some of her favorite indoor activities, but also speaks to the YMCA 360 portal that allows their members to explore classes that promote a spirit, mind, and body connection to stay well this winter. She provides some examples of why this new platform has been so successful for their members, especially since it gives people an opportunity to try a new workout inside the comfort of their own home rather than a public gym. Later in the show, Dr. Robin welcomes Ant the Trainer, who shares his inspiring story of how he lost 65lbs in 8 months by becoming a mailman – and what motivated him to begin learning the science behind how our bodies work and what they need. He covers some important topics such as why people struggle with a healthy lifestyle, and also gives listeners a few tips that will inspire you to keep focusing on the impact small changes can have in your life. 

About Today’s Guests: 

Danelle Huske is a Program Director II for the YMCA of Greater Kansas City, supporting membership and healthy living at the Olathe and Prairie Village locations. She has a Master’s degree in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation from Emporia State University. She first worked at the Y in 2001, and returned in 2004 and has worked at the Y since then. Her favorite part of working at the Y is helping people improve their overall health and making it a welcoming place for all. She’s from Silver Lake, Kansas. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, going to sporting events, watching sports, and staying active. 

Ant the Trainer used to be a truck driver that delivered farm equipment from coast to coast. His eating habits were poor from always being on the road. He struggled with his breathing and was borderline hypertension. In 2018, he moved to Kansas City and became a mailman, which meant he went from sitting all day to now walking 10-15 miles nearly every day to deliver mail. He quickly lost 65lbs in 8 months, and this was just the beginning of his brand-new story. After he realized how good he felt, he enrolled in a Bachelor’s program for Exercise Science to learn everything he could about how our bodies functioned and what they need to stay well. Today, he is a professional personal trainer who helps others to build confidence and change their life like he did. 


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