How to Help Kids Understand the Connection Between Their Gut & Brain

Guest: Stacy Cahalan | Season 10, Ep. 438

“When you write down what you eat, suddenly you become aware.” – Stacy Cahalan

Kids are establishing their school routine again, but students are still struggling to regain some aspects of what they lost during the pandemic. This results in loss of connection, loneliness, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. During today’s show, Dr. Michelle Robin invites Stacy Cahalan to share why she decided to leave her previous career path and begin helping younger generations navigate these unchartered waters. Stacy also reveals a personal story about why food can play a major role in that disconnection and the way a child feels each day. Their conversation also dives into why gut health directly impacts moods. By the end of the show, Stacy will also share more about the book she and Jane Hosey Stern wrote that helps put simple, yet powerful life lessons back into focus.

About Today’s Guest:

One of Stacy’s favorite quotes is by Emily Dickinson, “I am out with the lanterns looking for myself.” All the years she’s wandered the earth, she doesn’t know a lot to be true, but she strongly believes that we are all doing the best we can with what we have. Sometimes we just don’t have what we need. We are all better together. We are all wandering this earth trying to find purpose. And we all need help finding our way. As a Licensed Professional Therapist and Licensed School Counselor, her goal is to help people find hope. She has been called the Hope Dealer and she’s cool with that. Her style is fun, direct, and focused on your here and now and your future. She has a shovel tattoo on her wrist to remind herself to dig deep and do the work. Every day, if we are lucky enough to wake up, we have another chance. She is ready to help people do their life’s work with more grace, mercy, hope, and love.


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