How you can bring more gratitude to your life.
Guest: Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson | Season 11, Ep. 462

You can’t heal what you don’t reveal.

How is the universe holding you today?

That is the question our guest this week, Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson, asks herself every single morning when she wakes up.

In this episode, Rev. Anderson and your host, Dr. Michelle Robin dive deep into how you can bring more gratitude to your life, a breakdown of her 7 Spiritual Laws of Release, and how you can take your soul’s journey into your own hands.

About Rev. Cynthia Alic Anderson

Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson has been serving as senior minister at Christ Church Unity in Orlando, Florida since 2007. Under her spiritual leadership, Christ Church Unity continues to be a thriving, welcoming community that is dedicated to transforming lives, celebrating diversity and supporting soul growth.

Rev. Anderson recently wrote 7 Spiritual Laws of Release and it is in its 3rd printing currently. She has two other books: A Grateful Life: 30 Days of Conscious Gratitude is a 30-day mindfulness and prayer book and her prosperity book, PRSPRTY 4U, is currently being taught in churches around North America.

She is also the Founder of the podcast platform, Experience of the Soul.

Discover more about Rev. Anderson as she shares:

  • Her life growing up as the youngest of 9 and the struggles her family faced.
  • How the church of her youth differs from her church now as a Unity Minister
  • Her physical healing crisis during her late 20s that awakened her spiritual nature.
  • A big shift that was created in her life when she made the small change of now longer eating any gluten.
  • How she re-organized her refrigerator to reflect her new healthy lifestyle and help her build small habits.

Continue your own wellness and spiritual journey by learning about:

  • Steps you can take each morning to tune into the universe and be energetically grounded.
  • Why you’ll be ready to let go of trauma, harm, and forgive others when the healing becomes bigger than the hurt.
  • What we are learning and healing from now as a society in the USA.
  • The power of acknowledging what you do have and what you can do vs. what you don’t have and can’t do.

Discover how to tap into a whole new level of healing and spirituality no matter your religious beliefs.

Joy is a sign of the wonderful presence of God. – Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson


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