Kindness Countdown: Changing Your Thought Patterns & Why It’s Possible
Guest: Dr. Roger Hall | Season 9, Ep. 393

“Acts of kindness, compassion, humor, contentment – all of these things have a spiraling upward effect that actually creates resilience in people. The more you contribute positively to the world, the more you’re going to be resilient.” – Dr. Roger Hall

Your brain is malleable all the way through life, meaning your brain has the ability to grow and change the more you practice and rehearse a pattern of thinking. In today’s episode, Dr. Michelle Robin welcomes Dr. Roger Hall, who just released his newest book called DIY Brain: The Mindset Makeover Manual for Peak Performance. He shares what inspired him to write this book – including some backstory of how many years ago he started writing it – and what called him to finally publish it this year. Dr. Hall also explains how kindness, compassion, humor, and contentment all have powerful effects on our brain health and why these things help us to become more resilient and creative in the world. By the end of the episode, you will learn a simple exercise on how you can begin thought-monitoring your brain and why the book is a companion when it comes to shifting your thought patterns – and ultimately your life.

About Today’s Guests:

Dr. Roger Hall is a business psychologist, author, consultant, and speaker. He has one trick: he trains leaders to monitor and manage their thinking. His clients are entrepreneurs, professionals, and business owners. He has worked with leaders from little companies with a few people all the way up to behemoths that dominate their industries. He helps leaders become better versions of themselves so they can lead their people better.

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