Pressing Pause on Life to Discover Your Truest Joy
Guest: Kim Newton | Season 10, Ep. 409

Pausing and intention are key to self-fulfillment.” – Kim Newton 

Did you know 36% of women aren’t following their dreams? Kim Newton was one of them several years ago, and it took some monumental people (and moments) to help her realize there was so much more to life. In today’s episode, Dr. Michelle Robin invites Kim to unfold what was going on inside her heart when she began to sense a change was needed. Her story is both inspiring and action-oriented, meaning it wasn’t the inspiration that took her forward but the people around her that made her take steps toward a life full of happiness, abundance, and fulfillment. The decision to “disrupt her life” and take time to pause was exactly what she needed to quiet her head talk, and tune into her heart. Kim will help you think about what your truest “joy” is inside your own heart. She will ask some emotionally-charged questions for you to reflect on, but also share how her passion was something that had actually been part of her for a majority of life already – but it took some rekindling to find it. This episode is sure to linger in your heart long after it’s over. 

About Today’s Guest: 

Kim Newton is passionate about leadership and innovation. She’s an exceptional developer of people and has advised hundreds of leaders personally and professionally. She has a unique right-brain/left-brain approach to helping people and companies meet their fullest potential. Kim is a seasoned global marketing executive, board director, advisor, artist, and entrepreneur. During her two decades at Hallmark, she directly influenced global corporate strategy and led transformation across a $4B diversified portfolio of top brands. She has been recognized multiple times as a top African America in corporate America. Kim has always left a space for creation of her own heart, a modern approach to quilting. Kim’s quilts have been called “unique and inspiring contemporary fiber art that tells a story and ignites the spirit.” In 2019, after leaving corporate America, Kim sold her first piece that now hangs on the wall of Oprah Winfrey. Since that time, she has embraced and loves nurturing her artist self. As the founder of Alexis Enterprises, LLC, Kim brings to life all of her passions, including an art studio focused on her one-of-a-kind quilts. She also created and designed the Intentional Pause Project, which helps others embrace the journey she went on herself. The workbook helps people discover the powerful reason pausing can help them move forward to achieve their dreams. 


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