Shining a light on a confusing and painful syndrome and bringing women together.
Guest: Amy Medling | Season 11, Ep. 476

1 in 5 women are affected by PCOS. That means that 20% of women worldwide are dealing with a syndrome that looks differently on and for everyone so how do they find the help they need? Amy Medling is here to help.

Amy was diagnosed over 15 years ago with PCOS after years and years of unanswered questions, confusing conversations and painful symptoms. She has now taken her own experience and is using it to help women take back their power when it comes to their health and PCOS.

A PCOS Diva is not only a woman who has hope and strength but is a woman who is taking charge of her health and life by listening and putting herself first. Amy has found a way to shine a light on a confusing and painful syndrome and bring women together at the same time.

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