The Mind/Body Connection & Its Power to Heal
Guest: Cindy Perlin | Season 9, Ep. 388

“Any time you feel stressed and go into that fight or flight mode – everything about your body changes.” – Cindy Perlin

Between the opioid epidemic and her own life story, Cindy Perlin set out on a journey to help people see a different side of the story behind chronic pain. In today’s episode, Cindy shares how she became suicidal after battling severe chronic back pain for three years, beginning at age 25 – without doctors being able to help her. The change happened when a friend recommended a book about the mind/body connection that changed her life forever. She began healing herself using many of these techniques, leading her to write a book called The Truth About Chronic Pain Treatmentsso that others could follow in her footsteps.

About Today’s Guests:

Cindy Perlin is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and certified biofeedback practitioner. She’s been helping people achieve their health and wellness goals for over 25 years. Her practice is located in Delmar, New York, near Albany. She is passionate about the power of biofeedback to heal because of her own journey and became increasingly passionate about helping people when she noticed a rise in opioid overdoses for those trying to manage their pain. She is the author of The Truth About Chronic Pain Treatments: The Best and Worst Strategies for Becoming Pain Free and the creator of the Alternative Pain Treatment Directory.

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