The Power of Helping Our Communities Feel Well

Guests: Jeanette Metzler & Lisa Cummings | Season 9, Ep. 378

Today, we are welcoming Jeanette Metzler and Lisa Cummings to the show, where they open their hearts about what made them decide that their life mission was to help our communities feel well. Jeanette is the Community Benefit Manager at AdventHealth in Kansas City, and Lisa is the Wellness Manager at AdventHealth in Kansas City – both roles that immerse themselves in community outreach programs all over the metro. We invite you to listen in as they reveal what inspired them to start helping people find that higher quality of life, which goes beyond just regular doctor’s visits and instead propels each person forward into their best lives. They share heartwarming stories of moments they’ve encountered within the Kansas City communities that have impacted their own roles and purpose on earth – everything from the simple act of listening to the community to watching kids bloom when the resources and support are provided for them.

Three Takeaways:

  1. People typically feel frustrated after their wellness check-ups. They find out the problem but are not always sure what to do next. AdventHealth is doing something to end that cycle for its patients.
  2. We may not always get to see the seeds we plant in someone’s life come to fruition, but we can trust that good will come from it – even from the smallest of seeds.
  3. AdventHealth chooses to focus on two Kansas City neighborhoods at a time, and the impact they have seen happen by simply making resources more available in these neighborhoods is both moving and inspiring for other healthcare companies to follow.

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