Why Feet Affect Your Whole Body

Guests: Karen Kipp & Khalil Elgharsi | Season 9, Ep. 385

“The health of your feet is critical to your overall well-being.” – Karen Kipp

Many people are often afraid to seek help for pain due to fear of requiring surgery or medication. However, most don’t realize that small changes to your foot health can make a big difference, if not eliminate it completely. In today’s episode, Karen Kipp and Khalil Elgharsi join Dr. Michelle Robin as they embark on a conversation about why our feet are responsible for so much in our bodies. They both discuss their line of work – reflexology and pedorthy – and explain some common problems they are seeing in people’s feet today. This includes why people are wearing the wrong-sized shoes, why tennis shoes are sized differently than other shoes, why hip pain is higher in the summertime, and how to know if you are wearing the right shoes. Khalil also explains the importance of making sure all 26 bones in your feet and the 18 muscles attached to them are being used and supported at all times.

About Today’s Guests:

Karen Kipp has been a reflexologist for over 25 years and loves helping people feel empowered by providing the tools they need to manifest their wellness vision. In addition to reflexology, her services include wellness coaching, juice fasts, and cleanses for groups and individuals, facilitating a variety of retreats and wellness presentations.

Khalil Elgharsi is a pedorthist who has been in the foot industry for over two decades, beginning in New York City and later relocating to Kansas City. He is the owner of Wealcan Medical Equipment, Supplies & Orthotics. He is also a board-certified compression fitter for the treatment of lymphedema and venous disease.

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