Why People with Adverse Childhood Experiences Often Get Stuck

Guest: Greg Helsel | Season 10, Ep. 428

“There’s a part of the person that knows something is wrong, but they live with it for so long that they’ve learned to adapt around it.’” – Greg Helsel

A National Survey of Children’s Health data showed approximately 30 percent of children experience one Adverse Childhood Experience (ACEs) – excluding external factors – and about 14 percent experienced two or more. Another study said that 1 in 6 adults experienced four or more types of ACEs in their lifetime. During today’s show, Dr. Robin invites Greg Helsel to unpack what some of those ACEs people often experience in life and why it can disrupt their life and cause them to get stuck. He will also share some reasons people choose not to seek a therapist – everything from shame to their vulnerability of being wounded from previous help. Greg also explains some key landmarks that have changed about therapy in the last 10 years – including the accessibility for it being much easier than it used to be. He’ll provide some helpful ways someone can take their first steps if they are ready to seek help.

About Today’s Guest:

Greg Helsel is the Clinical Director of Behavioral Health at AdventHealth in Kansas City. His commitment to his patients is the same mission he carries to his friends, families, and community; to end needless suffering. Through Accelerated Resolution Therapy, he has been granted the opportunity to assist people in letting go of heavy burdens, restoring themselves to a healthy and productive life.

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