Why Stretching Does More for You
Than You Were Ever Taught

Guest: Kelly Harrick | Season 9, Ep. 383

“People don’t realize that stress causes muscle tension, yet stretching can release that tension. That’s why they feel better when they get off our tables.” – Kelly Harrick

Kelly Harrick grew up in a small town in western Kansas – so small the town only had one stoplight. However, that close-knit community was a gift to her as it allowed her to get to know everybody in town, including the one and only physical therapist whose family she began babysitting when she was a young girl. In today’s episode, Kelly shares the impact those early connections had on her life, as well as her inspiring story of how she fell in love with helping people feel better. After a successful and fulfilling career as a physical therapist for many years, Kelly decided to take a break and went out searching for how she could take her passion of helping people to a new level. This episode includes the inspirational journey of how Stretch Zone was founded and how changed our community’s perspective about the ever-growing benefits of stretching. She also provides some bonus tips on how often you should be stretching throughout the day at home, how stretching impacts your stress levels, and why people say they feel younger and lighter after their time at Stretch Zone.

About Today’s Guest:

Kelly Harrick took her passion for stretching and built a business around it. Today, she is the owner-operator of Stretch Zone in Kansas City, where they help people increase their range of motion gradually by utilizing their patented equipment alongside their practitioners. Kelly has been a physical therapist for over 25 years, specifically working with orthopedic patients. Opening Stretch Zone became a passion for her because she wanted to use her wellness background to help people experience less pain, improve their flexibility, and even increase their circulation. She believes that if we all start with the base of stretching, other things in the body get better.

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