Why We Need to Stop Waiting for a Better World and Start Working on It Together
Guest: Mike Glauser | Season 9, Ep. 402

“We can’t judge people today who could be different tomorrow.” – Michael Glauser 

The greatest of happiness occurs in relationships, yet as a society, we have lost our way in building and sustaining meaningful relationships. We don’t talk to our neighbors as much as we did a decade ago – and the detrimental effects of this lost art is greatly affecting the next generation to lead our world. Over 40% of high school students are persistently sad and feeling hopeless, while 40% of college students say they are too depressed to do their school work. Additionally, 60% of college students say the loneliness epidemic is a very real problem in their own lives. After years of pulling research together about the principles for happiness and civility, Mike Glauser decided it was time to put it all into book form and call it One People One World. In today’s episode, Dr. Michelle Robin asks Mike what those six universal truths are that he presents in his book. While these truths have been on this earth for 5,000 years – and are backed by significant academic research – people are still struggling to reconnect to them despite how simple they seem. Mike dives into why action is required – not just reading or thinking about them. Tune in as he shares insight of what he’s learned over the years after doing bicycle tours through small-town America. 

About Today’s Guests

Michael Glauser is an entrepreneur, business consultant, university professor, and author of Main Street Entrepreneurand One People One Planet. He’s also the Executive Director of the Clark Center for Entrepreneurship at Utah State University. He has built successful companies in the retail, wholesale, and consulting industries. He has worked with hundreds of startup ventures and large corporations. He is the co-founder and CEO of My New Enterprise, an online training, and development company. He’s the Director of the SEED self-sufficiency program, helping people around the world to improve their standard of living and benefit their communities through entrepreneurship. Mike’s great passion is helping people create successful companies, gain financial freedom, and live the life of their dreams. 

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