Why Your Mindset About Money Matters

Guest: Jeremy Davis | Season 10, Ep. 434

“When money is a problem, it’s on your mind all the time – the stress is obvious.” – Jeremy Davis

According to the Federal Reserve Bank, the average American is $58,604 in debt. Additionally, at least 77 percent of American households are in some sort of debt. Today, Dr. Michelle Robin invites Jeremy Davis from CommunityAmerica Credit Union to offer encouragement to anyone who has financial goals, be it saving more, getting out of debt, or simply managing money better. He will share a personal story about who taught him about financial freedom at an early age, and how that wisdom at a young age impacted his adult years – allowing him to focus on his physical and mental health. As a Financial Well-Being Coach, he will also reveal some surprising trends among people coming in for financial advice. Jeremy ends the show by providing tools and resources for anyone looking to reach goals in our economy today. If you are looking for some simple and small steps to activate those financial goals in your life – this episode may be just what you need to get started!

About Today’s Guest:

Jeremy Davis is a Financial Well-Being Coach at CommunityAmerica Credit Union. An advocate for financial education, he loves helping people grow their knowledge in a fun, engaging way that is easy to understand and apply to their lives. He has a deep background in finance and marketing that gives him a creative approach to making financial literacy accessible to anyone. As a Kansas City native and graduate from Kansas State University, Jeremy loves all things KC and serving his community!


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