Memorable Moments This Year During the 31 Days of Kindness

Guest: Bayleigh Petty | Season 10, Ep. 447

“If there’s one thing you can do today, be kind.” – Bayleigh Petty

We’re celebrating another amazing year of the 31 Days of Kindness annual series, which began on October 14 and ended on World Kindness Day (November 13). Dr. Michelle Robin invites the Big Shifts Foundation Program Director, Bayleigh Petty, to share why this year was special to her while running it. She’ll also share why she continues to learn something new about herself every year she participates. Both Dr. Robin and Bayleigh will read some stories that were submitted to our team during the 31 days – which all truly reflect the power kindness has in our lives. At the end of the show, she’ll also explain how the series impacted kids in schools this year, and why the younger generation has an opportunity to change the world by carrying kindness forward.

About Today’s Guest:

Bayleigh Petty’s passion for health and wellness began when she first started playing sports. She studied Human Performance with an emphasis in Sports and Exercise Therapy. She graduated from Fort Hays and began working with Dr. Michelle Robin at her chiropractic practice. In 2021, she joined Small Changes Big Shifts because she believes in approaching health from a whole-person perspective and loves educating the younger generation about connecting their mind, body, and spirit. In 2022, she transitioned to the Big Shifts Foundation team as the Program Director.


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